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  1. JPPT1974
    Vacation is Coming
  2. OzSpen
    Bounding Aussie kangaroos
  3. Rehab
    Rehab Willie T
    glad to see you here willie

    looking around there seems to be less conflict than in cc
    or its less heated

    i dont mind it
  4. JPPT1974
    Flowers of May
  5. reba
  6. Eugene
    Eugene dnewhous
    Welcome Brother Cnewhous in Jesus' name.
    Come right on in and say hello. :)
  7. JPPT1974
    Mother's Day!
  8. John Olexa
    John Olexa WIP
    Looking to gain access in the mens locker room. Thanks ( I'm 58)
  9. Brock
    Brock reba
    Hey Reba all I want to say is I love youuuuu God bless
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  10. JPPT1974
    Mother's Day Coming!
  11. JPPT1974
    May Day May Day!
  12. JPPT1974
    April is Awesome!
  13. JPPT1974
    Easter is Here!
  14. jasonc
    why can change avatars but not upload images?
  15. jasonc
    So I can..
  16. Brock
    Brock WIP
    Could I access the men's private forums I got a notification for it
  17. Not_Now.Soon
    Not_Now.Soon WIP
    Hi WIP. I just got a message in my notifications tab about privite forums for men and women. If I could get access to the Men's group, that'd be great. Or if the message meant something else please let me know.
  18. JPPT1974
    April Arising!
  19. Brock
    1. questdriven
      Hello :)
      Mar 24, 2017
  20. Jehovah-Rapha
    Jehovah-Rapha reba
    I noticed a video I had for a while (which I listed on Youtube as PRIVATE), then I posted here was revoked by Youtube as saying I did not have permission to view it in the USA. I wonder, can I post videos here? Maybe someone here reported it to YouTube.It refers to the song Holy which there are many other YouTube videos of that song. Only the one I post was revoked ...???
    1. reba