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  1. billybalke
    billybalke Soul man
    I can't find you. Made a reply to your post but could not see my reply to it, nor any you have sent since.
  2. billybalke
    billybalke Soul man
    I gave a short answer to yours but I do not see you have received it. Perhaps it must await the moderator's review first? God bless, Billy
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    2. Soul man
      Soul man
      Yea I just looked and didn't see it
      Aug 15, 2017 at 8:05 PM
    3. Soul man
      Soul man
      It shouldn't have to be ok'd but I don't know that for sure
      Aug 15, 2017 at 8:07 PM
  3. JPPT1974
    Solar Eclipse is Coming!
  4. Soul man
    Soul man WIP
    Billybalke asked if I would like to do a one on one, I agree, he said we needed to ask you thanks Mike
  5. Edward
    Hello Brother! Peace and blessings be multiplied to you! :)
  6. JPPT1974
    School is in Session!
  7. StoveBolts
    StoveBolts Edward
    Hey brother, just a friendly wave to say hello
  8. banded butterfly
    banded butterfly StoveBolts
    You're certainly welcome StoveBolts. I'm blessed that the article helped your studies.
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  9. banded butterfly
    banded butterfly StoveBolts
    Thank you for the welcome and warm wishes on my profile page. Blessings, BB
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  10. jasonc
    even in 1989 you still were able to run. too bad I wasn't able to photo you in this year ad I did have the camera for it and eye. my mistake
  11. Chopper
    I'm a 77 year old bond servant of Jesus Christ.
  12. JPPT1974
    August is Here!
  13. billybalke
    billybalke Seabass
    I too am a member of the "body of Christ", the church of Christ, Rom.16:16. God bless.
  14. JPPT1974
    August is Near!
  15. billybalke
    billybalke Roro1972
    Used to live in Lynnville, Giles county, about 60 mi. south of Nashville
  16. billybalke
    billybalke Roro1972
    See you're from Tennessee. Love that state, used to live there. Where about are you? God bless
    1. Roro1972
      Im in Smithville 1 hour east of Nashville we have 4 red lights
      Jul 17, 2017
  17. JPPT1974
    It is July!
  18. billybalke
    billybalke WIP
    Wip, how do we get started? Cygnus and I are new at this
  19. billybalke
    billybalke WIP
    Cygnus and I (Billy) have agreed to a one-on-one. How can we start our negotiation?
  20. Douglas Summers
    Douglas Summers reba
    Hi reba,
    In my post #32 of "Can a person be demonically possessed.........." I need an error corrected. James 12:1-12 should be James 1:1-19).

    Douglas Summers
    1. reba
      Done happy to help :)
      Jul 4, 2017
    2. Douglas Summers
      Douglas Summers
      Thanks reba.
      Jul 4, 2017