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    Hello Friends

    Hello everyone, I have not been here since the early part of the year. Do hope everyone is fine.
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    [__ Prayer __] My daughter

    Lord look down on this precious one. Give her the strength that she needs at this time. As a God of mercy and the God who is our healer remove the fear and draw her closer to you. Give her peace and the quietness that the enemy will try to remove. He is a liar and at this time we ask that...
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    Growth Daily Verses

    God is loving but he gets angry at mankind's wickedness. Psalm 11.7 God is a just god and he is angry with the wicked every day. Sometime ago I came across this scripture for the first time and today in my devotion I started to focus on it. We often hear of God's love. He is loving and...
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayers for children

    The love of many is waxing cold (Matthew 24.12) Because iniquity will Increase and the love of many will wax cold. Today I heard some tragic news a husband cut the throat of his wife in the presence of her children and her coworkers. I do not know the woman but I am sure as mothers and most...
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    Lent as people celebrate it

    The Paganism of Lent and Weeping for Tammuz!
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    Lent as people celebrate it

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    Lent as people celebrate it

    Lent was observed long before the Christian era.
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    Lent as people celebrate it

    From the time I was a teenager I wondered about Lent and Easter. I have been searching for scriptures for the observance of these days. I have asked myself if these days are to be celebrated would not the early church and the apostles observe them. Just curious. .
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    [__ Prayer __] Cousin needs prayer

    Good evening. Hope everyone is well. I am requesting prayer for my cousin who is seriously ill. My other cousin (her sister) called me today saying she is seriously ill. Not sure of the details but please remember her in prayer. Her name is Veronica. Thanks so much .
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    [__ Prayer __] All thanks go to God

    Two days ago my grandson was driving and the road was slippery with rain. The car slid and he hit a wall. No serious injuries apart from slight neck pains. That morning I said a special pray on his behalf and asked God for his protection. I always do this on behalf of my children and...
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayers for Nathan

    Will keep him in prayer. My grandson's name is Nathan and he is unwell. So prayers go out for both Nathans.
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    This is a terrible evil

    WHO: 1 in 10 medicines in the Caribbean substandard …T This came as no surprise to me. It seems that Europe and North American has always been giving substandard supplies to countries they consider 3rd World. I have visited the USA on two occasions and I have noticed a vast difference in...
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    What A Bunch Of Lies

    Kiwidan thanks for posting this video.
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    The cell phone craze

    The technology is good but there are those whose lives are controlled by it. I have seen people at work all upset and frazzled because they forgot their cell phone at home.:lol
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    The cell phone craze

    I do a lot of reading and craft so without a cell phone I would still have lots to do.