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  • Hi Doulos,

    I enjoyed the discussion as well. I think constrained is a fine translation of the word.
    Blessings to you as well,
    Your brother in Christ, Jesus.

    Enjoyed our discussion on the meaning of the word "constrained" (my translation :-) ) in Matthew 7:14, it was very fruitful I thought. And I still intent to reply to your last post, though there isn't much I can disagree with there. I think the translation "narrow" as it is rendered in the NASB though may perhaps provide some of the imagery that I think Jesus was intending there, ultimately falls short (I might start rambling about it now). I am a young believer though, 25 years old and have been walking with the Lord for just over 2 years after formerly being a Mormon (was raised in it) and a staunch atheist. I appreciate having someone to discuss the original languages with and challenge me on what I have learned so far. I still have much to learn, but actually engaging with someone who can address those kinds of posts is refreshing. Blessings in Christ to you brother, hope to have more charitable exchanges in the future.
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