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  • Hey Chopper, I just wanted to tell you that I am now following you because you have great advice and are one of the sweetest guys on here. The fact that you are a Baptist and I am a Methodist really doesn't make any difference to me. I love you buddy and your name reminds me of that dinosaur from The Land Before Time and I really love that series.
    Thank you so very much for those kind words of friendship & love. I grew up as a Methodist. My Mother was "born from above" in an old fashioned Methodist Camp Meeting. The modern Methodist Churches (not all) have strayed from the Gospel of Christ Jesus. In order to get saved, the Holy Spirit led me to a Baptist Church. I graduated from a Baptist Bible College.
    Sending greetings from the land of "Ain't-seen-ya-for-way-too-long," my friend!
    Hi Sparrow. Wow, where have you been? I've missed your friendship and wisdom. Welcome back!!
    Hello sir.. how are you doing? i have missed you.. still remembering and praying for you.. God bless you
    Hi chopper have not seen you in a couple days. I wanted to tell you I was interested in your thread and all of a sudden it seemed like everyone that knew something started posting and cross posting I kinda lost your message and I wanted to hear it. Im not very well schooled so any thing you can enlighten me with to help me grow in Christ.
    I'm sorry, This section does not allow very many words. Go back to my avatar and choose "start a conversation" and I'll be able to help you....thanks.
    Likes: reba
    Greetings from INdia
    glad to see your postings
    i will pray for you.. pl pray for our ministry.. blessings
    Thank you Natha for your prayers, I need God's favor on my body & blood....I will certainly pray for your ministry. Why don't you "Start a conversation" with me and fill me in on your ministry so that my prayers for you will be effective.
    Likes: Natha
    Yes i started conversation with you.. pl check.. i am working hard in gospel fields.. praying for you.. blessings
    Hello Chopper, I just want to mention what a great set-up you have looking at your avatar.
    It looks cozy and ideal for deep Bible study.
    Thank you for the delightful discussion about Matthew!
    I feel so blessed, delighted and pleased I found this site!
    Keep up the good work!
    Hi Chopper,
    I've been asked by Obediah to not discuss eternal conscious torment in hell on CF anymore. I accept this, though I believe that this issue is the most important issue facing the Church today. Thanks for being a good friend (whether or not we agree - which is a rare and outstanding trait) and I will ride with you in our Father's Kingdom.
    Always respected you here. Wish you would have spoken up in my petitions to the moderators. I will no longer be coming here any more though. Have a nice life.

    Would you be able to answer these questions for me? I’m an Aussie in Brisbane.
    1. How do I copy and paste an avatar to accompany my name?
    2. Am I advised by email when there is a reply to my post? If not, how can I organise?
    3. Is it possible to send a private message to any poster?
    4. Would you please advise by email?
    Hi Chopper, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and prayers for me during a pretty rough time. It really is appreciated.
    I pray that God blesses you and your loved ones in His holy name as He has done for me
    Paul, Thayanee and Eli
    "Chramia was written in the family Chumash (bible). I may have the spelling wrong but, phonetically it sounds like kramia" so said a cousin about the original version of my last name.
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