Jul 5, 2011
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GOD's mercy kept me... Sep 27, 2014

    1. God's_gift
      wow what a week...
    2. Jesusfreak97
      Or ask God what to pray for Chris about. I'd bet he would answer. (You're inbox thingy was full btw)
    3. Jesusfreak97
      You saw a Koola bear (I don't know how to spell) in a tree? Where do you live??? And you have a microscope?? What do you do for a living? You are a bucket of interesting and I like that!
    4. Classik
      Not a him but a her. Did you abduct her? 911...
    5. God's_gift
      hahaha i don't recognize him he is lost maybe he's knocking the wrong door
    6. God's_gift
      what? i don't get it
    7. God's_gift
      collection is prohibited in this lol
    8. God's_gift
    9. God's_gift
      hey i got your PM, but i will just get back to you coz i haven't yet read the post you're talking...just arrive from company trip to assist my officer and be leaving again for summer outing till sunday ..i'll be back and the game continues ok? heheh
    10. Jesusfreak97
      Thank you! :) now, how did you get your user name and what does it mean? I have to say I love it. It's uniuque
    11. Jesusfreak97
      DC Talks Song Jesus Freak. Story of my life and it's an AMAZING song. plus I am a Jesus Freak. Nuff' said. hehe :P
    12. Classik
      O Barça FC full of talents!
      Hail Barça FC, Sandro Rosel is with you,
      Blessed are you among champions.
      Blessed are your children.
      Though we are few in number,
      We are like kerozene that overwhelms a surface.

      O Barça FC full of talents!
      Why do people hate you?
      Some have sworn never to sleep nor eat until you are destroyed.
      What have you done?
      What evil did you commit?
      Is fame a threat?
    13. Classik
      O Barça FC full of talents!
      you are that seed planted in the midst of thorns,
      you are like the people of Israel surrounded by strangers.
      You still survie it all...aye
      They mourn when you smile;
      They feast when you cry.

      O Barça FC full of talents!
      Messi is your magic,
      And Puyol is your backbone.
      Pep is our cheerleader and we are the dancers.
      ...He has many talented children.
      We are the progeny.

      O Barça FC full of talents!
      Your mid-field is like the waist of a virgin girl,
      It is girded with diamond chains,
      Nothing penetrates it.
      Your Forward is like shrapnel in motion,
      It penetrates stronghold

      O Barça FC full of talents!
      Soccer and football - Spain!
      Jugardos! Seguidors!
      Camp Nou!
      We've got a name that everyone knows,
      Barça, Barça, Baaarça
    14. God's_gift
    15. God's_gift
      wow whose that girl? is that you?:-)
    16. God's_gift
      now i fully understand that those players really need prayers...thank you for sharing that burden God will bless your heart...
    17. God's_gift
      have you heared about the italian footballer who died on cardiac arrest last april 14?
    18. Classik
    19. Classik
    20. God's_gift
      Classsssssssssssssikal night!
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    ...Oh Lord, help me to hate my own ways and love Your way!
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