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  1. Damascus

    Bible Study What was he doing?

    (1 Peter 3:18-19 NIV) [18] For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit, [19] through whom also he went and preached to the spirits in prison. True, Hell did not exist, and will not...
  2. Damascus

    Hell is good and bad at the same time.....

    Heaven and Hell are both expressions of the love of God. We sometimes get this idea in our mind of God holding us lovingly in the palm of His hand, yet simultaneously balancing us over the fire, waiting for us to slip up and be cast in. I think this view is harsh and flawed, and doesn't explain...
  3. Damascus

    [_ Old Earth _] A question in PM

    I don't know, Zeke. But I hope not. I happen to believe in theistic evolution and I don't believe it will or has hindered my relationship with the Lord. I'd also note that I don't buy into every detail of evolution, as we all know science is mostly composed of hypothesis; I just believe that the...
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    Feedback Video tag

    Awesome... thank you.
  5. Damascus

    [_ Old Earth _] A question in PM

    I'd wager to say that the Lord doesn't care if you are a young earth creationist, a theistic evolutionist, amillenialist, dispensationalist, preterist, orthodox, or any of these other titles that we like to ascribe to ourselves and believe in. The ways and thoughts of God are above us. Trying to...
  6. Damascus

    Anyone Believe in the "NEW WORLD ORDER".......

    Absolutely true. Freemasonry changed very much over the centuries. And even now, Freemasonry isn't inherently evil. There are many good men in the introduction levels of the brotherhood who are there for fraternity. However, I won't deny that there are Masons who are also Illuminists.
  7. Damascus

    Feedback Video tag

    What's the tag, or where is the option, to embed a YouTube video within a thread?
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    Where Is Whitney Houston Now?

    There's no way of knowing. We can only look at her death as a reflection of our own, and ask ourselves if we're ready to meet the Lord. The ancient monastic Christians would often say to always remember your death, and you will never sin.
  9. Damascus

    Anyone Believe in the "NEW WORLD ORDER".......

    I do believe in it, and have spent many, many hours of research on it. On an elementary stage of study I let it play with my emotions and cause worry, but moving past that, I've realized it's all a part of the Master plan, and these things must happen. One day, I realized that I put so much time...
  10. Damascus

    Thanks, pal. :) It's a George Killians Irish Red. Not my first choice in beverages, but probably...

    Thanks, pal. :) It's a George Killians Irish Red. Not my first choice in beverages, but probably the best they had on tap. Oh, and nice hat!
  11. Damascus

    Weight Loss

    Going into week two. I've noticed a dramatic increase in stamina, ie: I don't sweat as much during my usual workout routine, nor am I as winded. Heart rate is 10-15 points lower during the workout session. Weighed in at 17 pounds less than when I started. I really didn't think you could see...
  12. Damascus

    Best Christian Rock Band

    As far as Christian rock goes, Demon Hunter. :)
  13. Damascus

    hey, i'm new

    Welcome, welcome. :wave Enjoy your time here.
  14. Damascus

    Hey, I love God with all my heart!

    Not as heavy as For Today or The Devil Wears Prada. :P Just sayin'. WELCOME ABOARD! I'm confident you will find your stay edifying and fun.
  15. Damascus

    Weight Loss

    Even in my bad shape I've come to find that it's very easy to spend 2 hours in the gym, if you incorporate a little weight training in with the treadmill. So take advantage! :) I'm hoping and praying that they will work something out for you, that you'll be able to work out an affordable payment...