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Recent content by Edward

  1. Edward

    Bible Study I Just Can't Seem to Figure This Out

    I think it's possible that, (since we are spirit-soul-body), it is prolly the soul sleeping in the grave and the spirit has gone to be with God. The Lord will not let the untransfigured souls into heaven before they are transfigured, and He is going to do everyone at once is what scripture says...
  2. Edward

    Eternal Beings...

    Have you ever thought about the fact that we are eternal beings in Christ? That means that we never will taste death. At some point we will shed our flesh body, but we do not die, we live on, and we will eternally. So we're already eternal beings. According to God's calendar of 1000 years is a...
  3. Edward

    An old question- Was Jesus God?

    I think both views are correct with the nexus being, Jesus is in the Father. Doesn't scripture also say that Jesus was all God and all man? I think it does.
  4. Edward

    Matters Of The Heart

    You nailed it here, well said : We can't listen to the negative emotions, that is our flesh screaming at us and not the Holy Spirit. But within the Holy Spirit that indwells me I can trust in the emotions of the renewed heart...my faith is assured and peace comes to my spirit confirming that...
  5. Edward

    Matters Of The Heart

    We sure did. :sad This is the same direction He is taking me in teaching me. When heart and logic agree and become one, we pray fervently, earnestly, from the heart. This will move mountains and slay giants. (there's those scriptures again, lol!), it's all in there. No wonder men are trained to...
  6. Edward

    Matters Of The Heart

    If we affect matter through the power of our heart then we are able to rise above the laws of physics and...do all those things that Jesus did, and more? Yes is what scripture says. When our heart brings forth emotion it gives rise to feelings (such as compassion, gratitude and love) which...
  7. Edward

    Matters Of The Heart

    Yes! Even after the DNA is removed. So DNA affects matter. On the quantum level, everything is made out of photons. Scripture has said this all along too! It says Whoever asks unwavering shall tell this mountain to move and it will obey. When does that happen? I'm glad you asked, (lol), It...
  8. Edward

    Matters Of The Heart

    (Some company came a knocking, lol. My only friend in this town, my neighbor. He invited me to his church tomorrow! I accepted of course.) Anyway, I've done quite a bit of pondering and meditation about these things. My heart is drawn to the people who live in the war torn areas of this globe...
  9. Edward

    Matters Of The Heart

    Thanks for the reply, Sister. I was starting to think there was no interest in these things! I think it's important! Since I started this thread, I watched a video which talked about it. They said experiments have been done (The Russians I believe) and I forget what they were trying to see...
  10. Edward

    1000 to 1?

    Huh? :lol
  11. Edward

    God kväll Jag är nyankommen Good evening I'm newcomer

    I'm not real far from Cleveland, I'm in Canton. (bleh) oh well, lol. Itis what it is, Praise the Lord I have a roof over the head, lol! What kind of Contractor are you? I am a Mechanical Contractor since 1994.
  12. Edward

    1000 to 1?

    You lost me, lol. How much would that be in dollars? That, I have a handle on. I thought the square was the number times itself or something like that? Like, the square of 5 is 25 (5 X 5)? I remember him talking some of it. I remember he said the square of a million is 10,000 and then...
  13. Edward


    Yeah that's the fun part, lol! He promises in scripture to manifest himself to us at some point, and I hear testimonies that He is doing this around the world, coming and teaching people. He's walked into couple church services here and there too! (everybody hit the floor!) But not me yet. He...
  14. Edward

    Up late

    Isn't cream cheese a type of cheese?
  15. Edward

    1000 to 1?

    Well not all of them come back either. I thought about it and it may be a misused term, near death experience. They're not near death, they're dead. To take the thought even further, it's actually a near Life experience, isn't it? Jesus is the way, the truth , and the Life and whether they...