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Aug 4, 2014
    1. gracenote
      Could you explain the meaning of the symbol you are using as your icon?
    2. TimothyW
      I think that there has been a shift in the last 10-20 years in the type of people who ride Harleys. It's not just tattooed bar brawlers in biker gangs anymore. I think those guys are a minority segment of Harley Riders now.


      A Harley Sportster is just a really cool motorcycle.

      I don't even HAVE a tattoo.
      1. farouk
        Interesting about Harley trends. Tatts have developed greatly, too: some parlors are more like salons: well lit rooms, soft sofas, and spotlessly clean; and since some preachers' wives and some grandmothers are tattooed these days, many Christians get them, too, whether faith based, grandkids' dates of birth, etc.
        I think a thick leather jacket is more or less a necessesity, though, for riding... Blessings.
        Jan 15, 2014
      2. TimothyW
        I agree, Tatts aren't just for outlaw bikers and sailors anymore. I just don't feel the need for one. I'm complete, as is. I am a new creation in Christ. (Not that I think Christians can't get one if they want one)

        The leather is a necessity. I have been bruised and scarred from riding (falling) without leather. When I was a kid, I crashed a lot. My brothers and I used to race.
        Jan 15, 2014
      3. farouk
        The whole biker thing has developed tremendously. Today, if a group of bikers arrives in helmets and leather pants and vests at a Cracker Barrel off an Interstate, it's just as likely to be a group of church wives off for a weekend excursion, as it is a group of men formerly thought to be wild and bearded, etc.
        Re. tatts, today tattoo equality has become firmly established for women.
        (Two cents'.) Blessings.
        Jan 15, 2014
    3. jasoncran
      jeff fixed this, he even texted me that he merged the accounts. lol. I was working when he did that. I usually text back but I was way too busy.
      1. farouk
        I see; he must have done the same to mine also.
        Oct 21, 2013
    4. jasoncran
      I call stovebolts a lot. I will do so Monday and mention this
    5. jasoncran
      I thought that is stuff was fixed.i was talking to air, and now I will have to inform him about the new me, I also cant see the old pms. I need to let the staff now something.
      1. farouk
        I think Stovebolts has been very busy lately; doing a good job, but it's not easy, I guess.
        PS: The tattoo thread has been active.
        Oct 19, 2013
    6. fishbreath
      lol yeah, no massonic handshakes for me!
    7. hallowbonnie
      lol yeah its a picture my brother took of me I was down the side of a bridge near where he lives
    8. questdriven
      No. It's just Kyo from Fruits Basket.
    9. gr8grace
      Yes.And leaving any chance to Grow in His Grace and His Knowledge.If we, as christians think we have to save ourselves or keep ourselves saved everyday, We cannot grow In Christ.
    10. fishbreath
      Hi farouk, thanks for the friend request - blessings
    11. elizabethbraddock
      Hello! Thanks for the heads up, I will take a look at the thread. :)
    12. Chopper
      Thank you farouk. I have been in Maine for a week now. My sister in law is dying of cancer and we thought she would be gone by now but she's still hanging on. She refuses any Gospel message as does my brother.:crying I love my brother and I'm here for him. Thanks for your concern:wave
    13. questdriven
      Yeah. Some women, too.
    14. farouk
    15. questdriven
      Many of the guys in the bands I listen to do.

      Saw October Glory again. They have tats and piercings. But man did they lead some Spirit-filled worship! Nice people, too. They actually gave me one of their CDs.
      1. farouk
        Hi @questdriven; so have you seen October glory again lately? Blessings.
        Nov 4, 2013
    16. questdriven
      I try to avoid tattoo threads right now. Not much to say that hasn't already been said.

      I drew on myself. It's like a tattoo, I guess.
    17. questdriven
      Oh, I don't go until next week.
    18. Allen Wynne
      Allen Wynne
      hi Farouk, it's 34.444 here right now.
      but it feels okay because it's dryer than usual.
      we've gotten around 39 quite often with high humidity, so, today is good
    19. questdriven
      Lots of bands will be there. But the only two I know of right now are Red and Jesus Culture.
    20. questdriven
      Yeah, been home for a little while now. Busy, though. Things came up suddenly and I can't be online much.

      I'll be going to a big concert with the youth group at my church in the beginning of September. Gonna be there a couple of days.
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