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    1. theLords
      Yes, it is! He also covers the tattoos of former gang bangers trying to escape that lifestyle. It's amazing really :)
    2. theLords
      Oh wow, I'd never heard that. I follow him on FB and he seems like an upstanding guy, who has a real heart for helping others (Christian or not) find a second chance and all while sharing the Gospel of Christ. I have a heart for sex workers and so to see him help them so selflessly is always humbling.
    3. theLords
      Yeah, his ministry really touched my heart. I don't think I've ever heard the idea that women shouldn't get tattoos, that Christians shouldn't have them period, but what was the reasoning for exclusively singling out only women?
    4. Classik
      Alright. Will open the links now
    5. Angel

      Well, I am going to bed- I'm tired.

      Buenos Noches.
    6. Angel
      Thanks farouk! What does farouk mean?
    7. theLords
    8. questdriven
      Yeah, I'm having the same problems. Thread pages made after the time when the problem started won't load.
    9. farouk
    10. questdriven
      Yeah. I was expecting to have more notifications when I logged on considering I actually posted in some debate threads today.

      The people at church actually didn't know it was my birthday, until my mom mentioned it to someone. xD They were just having a game night, which they do every so often.

      Leaving on a trip in a week.
    11. questdriven
      This is along the lines of the kind of research I was looking for, but holy crow--this stuff goes right over my head. :lol I would have to spend all day on this, at least, to understand all that is being said. I'm about to read the conclusion, though. Hopefully that part at least is in layman's terms. lol
    12. questdriven
      People can be like that with just about any subject, I guess. Just some more than others.
    13. questdriven
      Probably not. Don't want to tick my mom off. xD I'd be interested in seeing what designs they have one day, though, although I do doubt I'd get any.
    14. questdriven
      They had a game night last Sunday evening where they played Bible Scattegories. Since my mom's church doesn't have services on Sunday evenings, I invited her to come. She did, mainly because it was my birthday she said. It was fun. :)

      As far as I'm concerned, I don't think further comment and discussion would be profitable. I've said all there is to say in the thread, really. Tattoos don't bug me in the least, in fact I can appreciate it from an artistic perspective. (While going to see the fireworks this evening, we walked past a tattoo parlor. I saw a design with a cross in the window and commented that that was neat.) But if someone has a personal conviction that something is wrong, then they should stay true to that conviction. IMO, there's already enough of both perspectives in the thread for people to see both sides.
    15. questdriven
      Yeah. I still like going there.
    16. questdriven
      Yeah. It's a picture that I saw on the back of a volume of a manga series (D. N. Angel) that I was given a few days ago. I thought it'd make a cute avatar.
    17. God's_gift
      hi how are you?
    18. hallowbonnie
      thats true thank you
    19. hallowbonnie
      hi farouk thanks for the request and sorry it took me so long to accept i havent been on here in quite some time going through some things,thank you also for the links i will check them out
    20. questdriven
      Yeah. I actually think that my absolute favorite hard rock/metal styles are those sported by Skillet, Crush 40 (secular band), Disciple, Red, etc. But variety is a good thing. And I think most of Disciple's older music is quite a bit harder than their current music. I love their song Scars Remain. Probably the first song of that nature that I actually liked. xD I remember another some of theirs that I checked out back then was Purpose to Melody. Some others. Someone on dA had been talking about them and linked to their music, mostly their older muisc. That's how I found out about Disciple.

      Yeah. There are some interesting song titles in that list. I've heard Rise, Sick of It, and American Noise. They're good.
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