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    1. glorydaz
      Gazelle...keep on whistling, my friend. God may be using you to draw them to the light. :thumbsup
    2. reba
      Yes the Lord is wonderful. My friend and Saviour!
    3. Christ_empowered
      Hey, Gazelle.

      Thanks for talking to me. I think you're the person who sent me a friend request (I'm still figuring out how to navigate the "Notifications" part of this forum, so bear with me). If that's the case, I'd be glad to "friend" you. Have a good one.
    4. jasoncran
      i want to clarify something and i will move on from our disagrement. its the way we see the bible that i have the issues with. we dont see it their way. we have this wierd greek way of doing it when the jewish first century didnt do that . they took what the fathers had and christ said and ran with that and did so in a most hebraic way of thinking. that is what i mean by gentiles stealing the faith. we dont do what they do. by 13 do we have our teens in our christian families reciting by memory whole books and knowing the sage arguments? the psalms is recited at the respective mitzvahs. what does our church do? games thats what.and we wonder why our church is in such a sad state.
    5. jasoncran
      really? it was in my lifetime that some have said that stuff. sadly it still exists. and we once again havent a clue to what the jews know and did know then as we have closed the bridge to them and have only begun to heal that. that is where i am coming from. context , context, context.if one doesnt know what the first audience was and was doing and what went on then the whole chapter or book is closed to you. ie hebrews and why it was written.also why isreal was to jude the cananites and also what exodus and the law was. i am going deep in that soon. i have these talks with jeff and did so today. i am already seeing things that i never saw. my own elder in my church who is teaches pre tribb leaning eschatology seems to agree with my stressing on hebriac thinking. he even says that prophecy and visions arent linear in time progression! of ten they look back and then show what will come that was caused by that ie the vision of the man child!
    6. jasoncran
      for the record i dont hate christians but i was raised to know the sins of the church and what hitler did wasnt that mysterious to the germans as antisemitism was and is central to the eu first. he merely took the idea and used it to gain power. when you look at the killings of the jews by the christians and the fact that the jews who kept their arguments and the talmud by oral traditions being nearly wiped out.its now wonder they get offended by the name of the lord as to them that means YOU murderer!
    7. Pard
      Just saw your signature. If you find the text to small just hold down the "control" (ctrl) button and press "+". To reduce the size back down do the same but instead press the "-". Hope that helps you!
    8. Gazelle
      I was very clear when I stated I'm done. That means I am done with replying in that thread. I keep my word. If you can't hear the true responses, God tells me (even in the middle of the night) to leave it alone... you can take your issues up with Him, for sure.
    9. Destructus86
      You neglected to reply to the other he believed the rapture would come no later than 1980. How the WORLD would run out of food before then as well.
    10. Nick
      LOL no!

      Emu's can actually be a bit aggressive You'd never get on it without being attacked.
    11. glorydaz
      LOL Yeah, I started to get into that very thing and then had to delete....I cracked myself up when I was writing it, though. Too funny.
    12. Grubal Muruch
      Grubal Muruch
      Your, more than welcome to speak your mind my friend...
    13. jasoncran
      ah yes, she is a cutie. i call her the attention getter, show stealer. we cant go anywhere without her getting noticed. she has a glow to her and with that bow i call her the little indian princess. she is indeed cherokee and is real alert.
    14. jasoncran
      i will get some more and shes three months.
    15. Gazelle
      John Calvin wrote: 1.Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God Our wisdom, in so far as it ought to be deemed true and solid Wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves. But as these are connected together by many ties, it is not easy to determine which of the two precedes and gives birth to the other. For, in the first place, no man can survey himself without forthwith turning his thoughts towards the God in whom he lives and moves; because it is perfectly obvious, that the endowments which we possess cannot possibly be from ourselves; nay, that our very being is nothing else than subsistence in God alone.
    16. Gazelle
      In the second place, those blessings which unceasingly distil to us from heaven, are like streams conducting us to the fountain. Here, again, the infinitude of good which resides in God becomes more apparent from our poverty. In particular, the miserable ruin into which the revolt of the first man has plunged us, compels us to turn our eyes upwards; not only that while hungry and famishing we may thence ask what we want, but being aroused by fear may learn humility. For as there exists in man something like a world of misery, and ever since we were stript of the divine attire our naked shame discloses an immense series of disgraceful properties every man, being stung by the consciousness of his own unhappiness, in this way necessarily obtains at least some knowledge of God,.
    17. Gazelle
      Thus, our feeling of ignorance, vanity, want, weakness, in short, depravity and corruption, reminds us, (see Calvin on John 4: 10,) that in the Lord, and none but He, dwell the true light of wisdom, solid virtue, exuberant goodness. We are accordingly urged by our own evil things to consider the good things of God; and, indeed, we cannot aspire to Him in earnest until we have begun to be displeased with ourselves. For what man is not disposed to rest in himself? Who, in fact, does not thus rest, so long as he is unknown to himself; that is, so long as he is contented with his own endowments, and unconscious or unmindful of his misery? Every person, therefore, on coming to the knowledge of himself, is not only urged to seek God, but is also led as by the hand to find him.
    18. HisSheep
      I'm still playing...
    19. Gazelle
      :rofl :wave
    20. tessiewebb
      Gazelle, I've been trying to add you as friend for some time. I don't know yet if it went through. For whatever reason the "save changes" button doesn't do anything and when I used the "add friend" I don't think it did either. I do very much want to be your friend though and I'm glad to see you on this forum.
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    medically retired
    I am a weary servant awaiting the coming of Christ with anticipation and necessity.

    The Gazelle is very common in Palestine in the present day, and, in the ancient times, must have been even more plentiful. Whatever variety may inhabit any given spot, they all have the same habits. They are gregarious animals, associating together in herds often of considerable size, and deriving from their numbers an element of strength which would otherwise be wanting. Against mankind, numbers are of no avail; but when the agile though feeble Gazelle has to defend itself against the predatory animals of its own land, it can only defend itself by the concerted action of the whole herd. Should, for example, the wolves prowl round a herd of Gazelles, after their treacherous wont, the Gazelles instantly assume a posture of self-defence They form themselves into a compact phalanx, all the males coming to the front, and the strongest and boldest taking on themselves the honourable duty of facing the foe. The does and the young are kept within their ranks, and so formidable is the array of sharp, menacing horns, that beasts as voracious as the wolf, and far more powerful, have been known to retire without attempting to charge.

    As a rule, however, the Gazelle does riot desire to resist, and prefers its legs to its horns as a mode of insuring safety. So fleet is the animal, that it seems to fly over the ground as if propelled by volition alone, and its light, agile frame is so enduring, that a fair chase has hardly any prospect of success.

    Bible and end times study, altruism, Christian psychology



    Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus