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  • I'm only taking 1 class per 6 week semester so it's going to be busy but not so heavy. I've also applied to several places for a job and am hoping to work at Starbucks! :D
    Hey! I have finished my finals (yay!) and am now waiting anxiously to see my grades posted. Thanks for all of your support! I start summer classes this Monday. Boooooo :crying
    OH MY! Pretzel cone? I've never even heard of that! It sounds like pure heaven. Why don't you come down and open up a shop in DC, ey? It'd be sweet! (literally! :eyebrow)

    Thanks for the well wishes, currently evolution is frustrating me, but I've come my coffee and 11 more hours to jam it in my head to do well and then completely forget about it until the next semester :D
    Thank you! The Lord has been ministering to me so it's getting better :) Also, I turned in my research paper and feel confident about my work, and my Bio final is tomorrow. I plan to stay up all night and then I'm going to come home and crash. Thanks for your encouragement. Hope you are doing well! Looking forward to starting up our chatting once again! PS: what was your ice cream choice today? (Also, I had whoppers the other day because of one of our old discussions!)
    I hope you are doing well! I haven't been having the best couple of days, but every time I think of you and your heart for the Lord I find myself smiling! Just wanted to say hey :waving
    That's great! I know you will like it. Keep me updated, if you so desire. My first final (in Spanish) begins tomorrow. It's almost midnight and I don't even plan on sleeping tonight, lol. No bueno! (Not good!) ;) Hope you're doing well! God bless you too :wave
    Thanks! I hope you are having a great day today as well! Another great site I like to use is: http://bible. cc/ (remove the space between the . and the cc)

    Let me know what you think of it!
    Right now I'm taking my gen. ed. courses. I'm a 1st year/2nd semester student. I'm currently taking: US History I, Biology I, Intro to Psychology, Beg. Spanish II, and English I. I used to be a Psych major, but I hate it! Now, I've decided to major in English (Education). I figured it would provide a great opportunity to travel to other countries! I really, really want to travel! However, I don't have my degree planned out yet. Right now, due to cost, I'm at a community college. And again, because of cost, I'm not sure which university I'll transfer to. My top choices have different prerequisites and I am at a loss about what to do. I'm putting it in God's hands, though. I just hope he tells me what to do and where to go before summer classes begin, lol! Being a Christian is always an adventure!
    Hi! I wanted to let you know that I read your post in your thread, and that I plan on responding. I'm currently studying for a Psychology exam. The semester ends this month (and then finals the first week of May) so I'm extremely loaded with course work, lol. I'm looking foward for summer!

    Good night!
    You're welcome! We'll chit chat tomorrow! Have a blessed night and a blessed day! I pray that God reveals Himself to you tomorrow in a unique and profound way. I pray that He showers you in His love and joy. :wave
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