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Recent content by historyb

  1. historyb

    Fantasy Verses Reality

    Exactly. To many adults are to stuffy and hate fun
  2. historyb

    Fantasy Verses Reality

    I generally like fantasy like Harry Potter, LOTR, Narnia though I am more into Scifi. I watch the Carbonaro Effect every week and I love how people fall for his tricks because he sounds so authoritative when he shows the people a product
  3. historyb

    Merry Christmas to all!

  4. historyb

    Thinking about buying a tablet

    The 7 inch I got does have that feature (the splitting fingers zoom) because I use it during my tutoring work :). There is the 10 inch which I would love to get the 10 inch someday.
  5. historyb

    Thinking about buying a tablet

    I would recommend the Fire Tablet from Amazon. I love mine
  6. historyb

    I quit church

    Sorry to hear that OP. Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer. Heb 10:25 GNT I think American individualism tends to clash with Christianity which is cooperate
  7. historyb

    Scheduled for Migration

  8. historyb

    Apocrypha Books

  9. historyb

    Apocrypha Books

    If your talking about the deuterocanonals than they were there before some Protestants removed them. The Catholic, Orthodox, and many others still use the complete Bible including my church and the deuterocanonals are part of the liturgical calendar
  10. historyb

    Windows frozen

    My favorite phone in the good old, old days : or even older: :D
  11. historyb

    Windows frozen

    Not at all. That is a huge misconception of Linux. Ubuntu is one of the easiest to use and while there is a learning curve it's not that much anymore. My wife uses Linux and she was a windows person and I never showed her how. Anyone can use Linux now :)
  12. historyb

    Why Liberals are so angry

    Exactly. In my college one class has 35 people and the day after election day there was a big test,14 students showed up so the professor passed all 14 that were there. He had no pity (and rightly so) for the snowflakes
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    christianforums.com ...what happened