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    I see you are a fisherman my brother! The Lord will make you a fisher of men!

    God bless you Jake!

    John <><
    i may join that forum. i have been reading the posts there. its solid and has a lot of Good stuff. despite all that we do to present evidence the contra agurers wont change.
    it make sense , i have a friend that was agnostic and said just that,. they want to convince you that theres no God as they know who he is and dont want to have to answer to him. he is a christian true and true today.
    i know. i have the same problem . if you notice they wont show up here if no one posts there. lk and deavonrye. they dont want to change.i have asked them to state why there are here. they say , we want to learn. funny i am on agnostic pro naturalistic science site and i dont troll them at all.
    Evolution Fairytale Forum -> Warning To Christians

    i think this will do a lot of good for you.
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