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shields at maximum. arm bibles. theres sinners around Jan 4, 2014

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    1. Gazelle
      :waving Been reading some back posts here... and I wanted you to know I totally agree with you about "IF" there wasn't enough money "THEN" internet, computer, iphone etc would all go (in my life.) I have a tough time holding a "take at face value" attitude for people (on another site especially) whining about not having money for their meds.... and yet???? Yes, there are some there at that site that only check in once in a while because they have to use the free computer at the library. (Bless their hearts.) But truly many of the younger people today just don't realize that if they didn't buy that soda, and didn't have unlimited texting, they just might be able to save a few bucks for something they want. TC!
    2. Gazelle
      I wouldn't be so quick to judge someone. There are over 2000 verses in the Bible that refer to prophecy. Not enough Scripture? Probably mentioned 66 times in the NT alone, including Christ's own examples. You say to me:"i wasnt but you imply that you are settled. that isnt wise , you dont have to debate the issue just be open to look to the idea that all views have merits and also can be wrong. the bible really doesnt say much on the end times." How can one "Comfort one another with these words" as Christ encouraged after he spoke about the wrath of God BUT how we would be taken out beforehand. I don't have to be open to any other ideas. The idea that " all views" have merits is exactly what satan wants from Christians, this false idea of "tolerance." Nope. Not gonna do it. If that's what you choose, well, that's what you choose, but don't put me down for not believing the same way as you.
    3. Gazelle
      Come on now... if you read my posts on the site you see me insisting that I'm not perfect and I don't know everything. Please don't attack me, especially since you're a mod here. Be well.
    4. theLords
      I applaud all your effort!
    5. theLords
      lol my friend: nieva isn't even a word :rolling
    6. theLords
      lol, nieve is snow and lluvia is rain
    7. theLords
      LOL, did you try to say that it's snowing?
    8. Jake
      Were you at the war games training? How was it?
    9. jasoncran
      the end times or the usual calvinism vs arminism debate that ever rages?
    10. Tailgunner
      No, haven't moved on. I intend to try to spend a little more time here. I've been looking at some of the posts, and many of them are...interesting, to say the least.
    11. Tailgunner
      Thanks Jason. Yes, it has been awhile. Actually, I had gotten so busy lately that for a long time it didn't cross my mind. Glad to be back and catch up on some reading. Hope you're well.

    12. tim-from-pa
      Yeah, he's an angry looking kitty, isn't he? Besides the symbolism, I love felines in general as well.
    13. Nick
      Of course we have horses down under! I've ridden a few, just not as much as I would like.

      And mate, you don't want to ride kangaroos! :crazy

      What's this mod business? It's Mister Admin to you! :lol
    14. reba
      yup. I guess that is why i have a fits about folks saying the scripture says__________ and it just aint there. I grew up on pretrib. Accepted it as GODS truth

      My label
    15. theLords
      I'm not sure I know what you're referring to, my dear. :chin I think I missed something.
    16. theLords
      Hey, buddy! :wave
    17. Green Man
      Green Man
      Goodbye, Jasoncran. I am leaving here. I need a place filled with those who are more educated, rational, and honest.
      It was good talking to you.
    18. TRUTH over TRADITION
      That would be from the Key to Vector Sigma episode where we were introduced to the Stunticons and eventually the Aerailbots!
      When you get a chance, read this story. It is literally the best TF literature I have ever laid eyes on.

      Transformers Version 2.0 - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    19. Green Man
      Green Man
      I am praying for your beloved Grandmother, Jasoncran.
      Be strong, and know that I am here for you if you need someone to talk to.
    20. Jake
      that's cool. i'll read it every now and then to see how you're coming along. lol
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    because lyall and geology said the earth is old, therefore I will be doing the shabat as long as an eon is. whatever that may be.