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K stunna

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  • I think this question should be obvious if you had read my posts on the forum. I choose a Christian forum because I can get an opposite opinion. We grow by discussing subjects with people that disagree with us. We are able to learn better this way. I used to be a Christian and my main interest is why others believe this when I left it. I'm not trying to convert anyone, because I'm not selling atheism. Atheism is not a positive belief system. I have several different schools of thought that I reference when I discuss topics. If someone changes their opinion on something, its because they were convinced of it. I have never argued that there is no God or that Christianity is completely wrong. My question back at you is why are you so offended by my presence that you felt the need to call me out on my visitor wall?
    I don't consider myself gay, but I am curious what you think my purpose wouldbe if I was. Would you care to share.
    I haven't tried to debunk Christianity at all. Most of my posts have been in political threads such as government and one homosexuality thread. I have expressed thoughts against Romney and think the church's focus on homosexuality and wanting to forget parts of the bible is annoying, but harmless. I have yet to say anything negative about the religion. Do you have any posts where I did?
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