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Recent content by Not_Now.Soon

  1. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible Study Looking for clarity on Song of Songs

    If anyone has insight on what the Song of Songs is about, I'd appreaciate it. It seems to be talking about a love and a marriage. But from there the details and the interpretations get me fairly lost. •Is the book for a relationship looking at marriages in general. A symbolic relationship...
  2. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible 101 Now What?

    Which ever option you decide Jim works for me. What you can teach is based on what you know or have study material for. So that makes you the best person to decide what would come next. What we can do is offer suggestions that might help the decision. But it comes down to your judgment. At...
  3. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible 101 Now What?

    Any of those would be good in my opinion. I expecially like looking at Jesus forshadowed in the old Testiment as well as Him in the New Testament. But here's a few more suggestions to throw out too. If you'd be up for it, maybe one of the books that are hard to just read streight through. I...
  4. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible 101 Lesson 7A

    The comparison of both Jesus and Joseph being sold is something I haven't thought about. Thanks for that,
  5. Not_Now.Soon


    Welcome Kenneth.
  6. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible 101 lesson 5B

    That makes sense. However I still wonder. Several atheists I've talked to say they've looked for God and studied different religions, but they could not find Him. I wonder about them or about any of us that have found God. That said, thank you for your answer regarding Easu. It's food for...
  7. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible 101 lesson 5B

    What a mess. But God stayed true to His promises earlier. He stayed with Jacob through his travels and through his life. But at least now in the story, it's hard to tell why God chose Jacob. Jim I know this is outside of the lesson plan, but do you have any idea why God chose Jacob instead...
  8. Not_Now.Soon

    Lesson 4 Review

    Throughout the Old Testiment there is rightousness rewarded, falling away from God punished enough to get them back on track, or punished severely to remove them (like Caanan's sins, and the reason for the flood in Noah's time). There's also redemption. Which is one thing I think on when we...
  9. Not_Now.Soon

    An Interesting Question

    For one day, maybe a whale? Explore the great oceans from beneath the water instead of on top of it. On that note though, if this trading places with someone for a day a true trade? Will the other person/creature be you for a day? How different would be the cat, the bird, or the whale that...
  10. Not_Now.Soon

    Discussion and Questions and Comments on Lesson 2

    1). How much time does it take to fall in love? It sounds like at least from Aadam's perspective he was very happy to finally have a companion. Probabley felt this way right away. As for it being an arranged marriage, I would trust God's choice over any of my own choices. If only we were all...
  11. Not_Now.Soon

    Think we'll know each other in heaven?

    Hope all your relationships are doing well Allen. I'd apply this same answer to the question of a debt in life calculated in heaven. With God, He paid for our debts. Forgiveness of a sin and a debt might be the same answer. Have a good one.
  12. Not_Now.Soon

    [__ Prayer __] My wife Nancy passed away today.

    You and your family are in our prayers Papa Zoom. I'm sorry for your loss.
  13. Not_Now.Soon

    Think we'll know each other in heaven?

    I figure that too. But often Allen Wynne has some good points lodged in his humor. I wanted to approach it in that way just in case he was trying to make a point and a laugh at the same time.
  14. Not_Now.Soon

    Think we'll know each other in heaven?

    Why wouldn't you want to see her? If in heaven I'm sure God will help heal any of our wounds in life and remove every tear we have. If there was any reason for a husband and wife to not forgive eachother I think God will be able to mend that so we can forgive as He does. (On that note...
  15. Not_Now.Soon


    Good luck in School Brock. Hope you enjoyed your break.