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Recent content by Not_Now.Soon

  1. Not_Now.Soon

    do you trust in the force?

    If the force was real in the same way it's presented in Star Wars, then I'd probabley try to stay as far from it as possible. Jedi and Sith Lords using the force in the universe as their own personal weapons. Great feats in jedi wars, and Darth Vader choking his officers that he is angry with...
  2. Not_Now.Soon

    What does love look like?

    It's easy to know what it looks like for those that we cherish and who return our kindness and affection back to us. But what does it look like to love your neighbor, and to love your enemy? I've watched some here show patience to those who are hard to understand. And in the threads they...
  3. Not_Now.Soon

    DO NOT BE SURPRISED (A Word Of Warning For The Time To Come)

    Isn't that already the times we are in? I worry about the news of Christian churches being attacked and bombed, or of large scale Christian persecution being done; but not counted as the end times, because it is not happening in our nation. At least not yet. It's already becoming an issue in...
  4. Not_Now.Soon

    User Names - Where did yours come from / What is the meaning behind it? From your POV? :)

    Not_Now.Soon was my guest identifier when I posted before I joined. It was mostly because I wasn't sure about joining or not and was procrastinating the decision.
  5. Not_Now.Soon

    Did something happen to the forum background? It's plain now. :=/

    Tis a gray and sober site this long and daunting night. Who knows what spooks and monsters be stirring under the internet that stole our colors from us. ....... Or to put in a less poetic ghost story way. "When in doubt panic."
  6. Not_Now.Soon

    Watch the skies this weekend. (Easter weekend)

    Thanks for the updates HeIsRisen. Glad no one got hurt.
  7. Not_Now.Soon

    if you wanna be a poltician what traits do you need ?

    Politics is something I think everyone is drawn to. Not that they want volunteer, lead, or serve in a position of politics, but tgat they want their needs met, their beliefs upheld, and their values whether it"s justice, or liberties to be promoted. In that sense I think it takes a...
  8. Not_Now.Soon

    if you wanna be a poltician what traits do you need ?

    If you want to be a politian you need to be able to handle the dirt and grime that is part of politics. People will support you for their own gain, or seek to destroy you for the same reasons. Sometimes regardless of the policies and positions you would hold. Many will try to take you for...
  9. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible Study i might study priest education. teach me the whole bible.

    Thesaintman, look in to something called a Calvary Church. I found them from a radio broadcast. The idea is to teach the scripture by following it verse by verse in the sermons. If nothing else you can probably find something online that has sermons follow the bible all the way through it...
  10. Not_Now.Soon

    okay muslim pigs kill innocent people. should i do a death note so i can kill them?

    Death Note is an animated series where a guy has the power to kill people by writing their name on a death note. The series makes this guy a hero or an anti-hero type of character because he uses this to kill criminals and mobsters. I think this might be what thesaintman is referencing. My...
  11. Not_Now.Soon

    okay muslim pigs kill innocent people. should i do a death note so i can kill them?

    Don't wish for anyone's death or demise, thesaintman.
  12. Not_Now.Soon

    Watch the skies this weekend. (Easter weekend)

    I just read in today's news paper that China's space station is descending to earth and not receiving any radio contact from the ground. They expect it to come down some time between Saturday and Sunday, but don't have anything projected outside of that time frame. Where debris will land (if...
  13. Not_Now.Soon

    Feedback Reba not an admin anymore?

    Thank you for all the time you put into this place Reba. :)
  14. Not_Now.Soon

    Do you think whites should be hired over minorites, if they are smarter?

    Not sure I agree with that. Racism as best as I can tell is prejudiced judgment based on race. If there is ever a time when racism is justified, such as if two nations are at war with each other and so don't trust the people of the other nation, then so be it. But as a Christian we are not...
  15. Not_Now.Soon

    Do you think whites should be hired over minorites, if they are smarter?

    This isn't going to sound good. But in the Old Testiment, Abraham and his family showed a distaste towards the Cananites they lived with. Each generation Abraham, Isac and Jacob each shared a tale to find a wife back to their family that they came from instead of letting their kids marry the...