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  • Wooooooooow! He's back. We missed ya, dude. Now you are under arrest for ever diasppearing. We have also arrested those who made you flee. :D :lol :chin

    Thanks for coming to Bloomfield with your friends for our festival. I hope you enjoyed the food and gospel singing, etc.

    Sorry I had to scoot out so quickly - I would have liked to spend some time with you guys - but it had already been a looong day, and my daughter, visiting from Hawai'i, is returning tonite and I want to spend time with her while she's here.

    Another time, I'm sure. The three of you seem very Christian.
    A teacher wrote on the board:

    [(38x+y^2)/ (3.5x^3)] * [(66y-12x)] =0.
    He turned to a student and said "Solve the problem".

    The student, seeming worried,
    picked up the duster, cleaned the board and said "Problem solved."

    For your humor
    I tried adding you on the site, but it didn't find "ISPringle". :shrug
    Hi, name is Lisa. Was just curious about the thread in which you were talking about mass and catholic cross, I guess its a private conversation.
    Looking for friends in Christ in these forums, a good support system that is positive and enables win win situations.
    Nice to meet you
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