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    I have trouble learning

    Ok here is my problem. I am as of right now home schooled. But my mom is trying to find something else because I can't fiscally learn like this. When it is something I am not interested in like history or language I can't focus. My senses get apliffied and I hear, see, smell, ext everything. I...
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    Not sure what to do tomorrow

    Ok so I didn't have him over today. He has school tomorrow so I defiantly won't have him over. Though I wish I had had him over today
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    Not sure what to do tomorrow

    So my mom was admitted to the hospital earlier today. She has pneumonia and a few auto immune desesis. So it is a big deal but it doesn't phase me. I have a lack of emotion except in extreme cercumstances. But tomorrow I finally have a chance to see my friend that I talked about in a previous...