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  • Well, you would know, then, if you're Irish. The line combinations, partly inspired by the Book of Kells, are very intricate and in some ways similar to tribal. (I think so, anyway.) Blessings.
    Oh you see them, then. You quite like those tribal tattoo designs, then, do you? I guess in some ways they are similar to the complex winding lines of Celtic patterns, really. Seems that way to me, anyway. Blessings.
    Oh, YW. And, well, the design that you think looks kind of cool is part of a series of many tribal tattoo designs: it's not of an actual tattoo; just could be used as one, that's all. (So you do like some designs after all!) Blessings.
    Oh you're very welcome. One of the threads I started is about the faithfulness of God seen in the seasons, and how the truth can be applied to the Christian believer's life; I had hoped that there would have been more interest and response to it, really, from the folk that regularly post. (And you can see that the idea of a faith based tattoo really is nothing to worry about, can't you.) Blessings.
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