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  • Hi questdriven; the site shut down before I could respond; but maybe I will later. Have a great day in church. Blessings.
    So, no more Christian rock concerts for the time being, I guess?
    Hope you have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.
    Hope you had a good day in church; I guess you are well settled now. My wife and I have been at our current church for several years and we find it a spiritual home. Blessings.
    PS: This is the kind of low key, modest, Christian fish sign that I was referring to, if you see what I mean. But maybe your dad would even have found this kind of thing objectionable, IDK. Blessings.
    Some women, too? okay. The fact that Christian women get tattoos, too, is something that some of the guys posting on the tattoo thread still seem to struggle with, but it's just a fact, anyway, that tattoo equality is exercised by Christian women. Bedtime; gtg, have a nice night. Blessings.
    Well, I think you were favorably impressed by October Glory before. And you never know, if you keep a lookout, whether you'll pick up a free CDE someplace.
    Guys with tats/piercings; 'guys' = men, I suppose?
    Oh okay. I think you uploaded a photo last time you did it, but that was then and this is now, so to speak. (Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if a significant proportion of people at Christian rock concerts - including the musicians - have some kind of bodyart.) Blessings.
    I guess you head off soon. Maybe it's the first time you will have heard Red live?
    Okay. I guess you are looking forward to some really good quality hard rock, with a clear Christian message. Blessings.
    Hi there; hope you had a good day in church yesterday; we did; some good thoughts brought to us from the Scriptures.
    Your new thread has had a lot of posts; I think your worthwhile and serious questions have received a lot of comments; although some of the guys don't seem to have taken it very seriously. Blessings.
    So we got back from NY and Pa. Saw Pa.'s Erie lakeshore; impressive. Stayed in Buffalo, NY near the airport and Air Force One was parked near our hotel (we didn't see the President's motorcade, though.)
    I reckon as a hard rock woman now, you're looking forward to the Christian concert that you guys are heading for; is it one band that you guys will hear, or maybe more than one?
    Hope church went okay today. Blessings.
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