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Recent content by questdriven

  1. questdriven

    [__ Praise __] Yay :)

    I've been going to counseling lately, and got diagnosed with a couple anxiety disorders. I have a bit of OCD, for me it's mild, so it's relatively easy to control in comparison to more severe OCD, but I'm prone to falling into episodes where I have thoughts that are difficult to control, it can...
  2. questdriven

    Happy Father's Day!

    I had a very good relationship with my step dad. Minus a couple years of petty teenage drama where I threw fits over punishments, but I learned that as long as I wasn't a brat my dad was a great guy. I learned a whole lot from him. He died about five and a half years ago. I was 19, and he had...
  3. questdriven

    Is youtube a reliable business venture?

    You can monetize your videos and earn a little cash, just don't expect to make a full living off it unless you gain a massive amount of subscribers. But I don't think there's anything wrong with monetizing. Money is hard to come by in this economy, gotta earn it where you're able.
  4. questdriven

    Homeless folk?

    I'm more right wing, but I don't think there's an easy solution. Charity is good, but I don't know that it always works for things like medical bills for people with chronic, lifelong illnesses who need lifelong care and help to not end up on the street and dead because they can't afford their...
  5. questdriven

    Homeless folk?

    I am not happy to pay more tax as it takes away money I need just to get by, eat, pay utilities, and get essentials. But that is my own circumstance and issue.
  6. questdriven

    The Derailing Thread Part Two

    My city wants to vote in HOA zoning fines for privately owned property. This along with a sky high property tax next year. Sheesh.
  7. questdriven

    Homeless folk?

    My mom helped a homeless person and paid for them to go to a doctor, which enabled them to apply for disability. She ruined our financial security to do it as it cost thousands of $$, but it's hard to feel upset when it helped someone who genuinely needed it. She says God told her to Not a...
  8. questdriven

    Where have you been?

    SC, NJ, Mississippi, NY, Italy, Sicily, an airport in Germany All before I was three I've also been to in years that I can remember more clearly: Vermont, Arizona, Pennsylvania, NY (my relatives live there)
  9. questdriven

    Other Christian Forums

    I have an account on a baptist forum. I don't go there all that often
  10. questdriven

    The power of self talk.

    I think there is some value in the idea that your attitude has an impact on your health and your actions. It doesn't mean you can get whatever you want, but it can at least help you cope more healthily.
  11. questdriven

    The Saintman's New Combined Thread

    What game were we playing :chin
  12. questdriven

    The Derailing Thread Part Two

    I have a raging ear infection and I am misery
  13. questdriven

    Homeless folk?

    My family easily could have become homeless had my uncle's daughter decided to take the home we lived in for over a decade. The home was in my grandmother's name and she intended to leave it to my mother, however she never got that in writing. So my uncle's had the legal rights to it. Thankfully...
  14. questdriven

    Homeless folk?

    Many things homeless people use do cost them a little money. For example, showers at a truck stop. You can print job applications at the library, but it costs around 25 cents per page. (At least where I live) Or to go into the store to buy some hygiene supplies. Drugs and booze aren't the only...
  15. questdriven

    The Saintman's New Combined Thread

    Center right.... Middle ish