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Recent content by questdriven

  1. questdriven

    I Got My Halloween Costume Already ;)

    I'm not sure which I should go for myself (yus, this me)
  2. questdriven

    It was a present from a friend in exchange for something I did for them :) cute, isn't it?

    It was a present from a friend in exchange for something I did for them :) cute, isn't it?
  3. questdriven

    offering art commissions

    Info here: https://www.deviantart.com/colliequest/art/updated-commission-sheet-760950241 Go take a look :) I also offer simple request sketches for donations to my ko-fi page (link to that provided in the page linked above) :)
  4. questdriven

    [__ Prayer __] Hurricane Florence

    I'm in southeast GA. But you live in NC, right CE? Please stay safe
  5. questdriven

    Name something you are happy about today

    I get to dogsit today, so I'm happy about that
  6. questdriven

    US dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals

    Y'all over here giving me nightmares that aren't really nightmares because they're real
  7. questdriven

    Who Likes Horror Movies?

    Understandable. For horror anime, one that comes to mind is Another. I haven't watched the whole thing, but it has a supernatural element which is the kind of thing I like. There's also Doki Doki Literature Club, which is a visual novel I have yet to play.
  8. questdriven

    Who Likes Horror Movies?

    I like to be mildly creeped out at times and that's the small thrill I get from creepy pastas. But it makes me paranoid if I indulge too much, which is the reason I can't sleep alone in my room, I start overthinking the smallest of sounds and movement, even if I know rationally there's nothing...
  9. questdriven

    Who Likes Horror Movies?

    I also loveeee creepy pastas, but I get frightened so easily. I need to be careful how much I read, or listen to
  10. questdriven

    Who Likes Horror Movies?

    I've watched horror anime. I prefer more psychological horror than I do gore or anything of that sort
  11. questdriven

    Name something you are happy about today

    We visited Okeefenokee Swamp today. Last time I went there 8 years ago I was severely depressed and not really able to enjoy myself. But I'm very happy today, and enjoying all the things
  12. questdriven

    Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Honestly, my first instinct would be to look at the original Hebrew and what word was used there, along with it's possible meanings. More than half of the commandments are literally about treating others well, so I do think it follows to treat them well emotionally and spiritually as well...
  13. questdriven

    Name something you are happy about today

    Saturday night my house was stick by lightning and half the electricity went out and stayed out for two days. But it's back now, after getting someone to come repair it. Yay!
  14. questdriven

    [__ Prayer __] more paranoia stuff

    I get mild paranoia, to the point I can't sleep in my room because I'm afraid of ghosts and people peeking in my window. (Mild paranoia is a common human experience, but when it's severe and comes with hallucinatins like in your case I'd say that's a different story.) Anyways though, what I do...
  15. questdriven

    You Had Better Watch Out

    If I celebrate Christmas early, will this unbearable summer heat go away?