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    1. Roro1972
      more info I found this to be the case on The Lounge if I click on questdriven
    2. Roro1972
      i am conufsed and would like your help please. I wanted permission to post in thread moderated by Quest driven. Now like this message I clicked on your name and you came up when I click on questdriven a name like dusteria comes up and it says new member something like 11 posts; that is my confusion so it is the reason you are getting this message thanks for all you do.
    3. hoghead1
      I guess. I'm new.
    4. grams
      I think it is gone now ? Thank You Very Much
      Grams - marlene
    5. grams
      reba ,

      could you please remove from Baptized one of my posts it is leading to my bible, so it may be truble for me THank You ....
    6. Douglas Summers
      Douglas Summers
      reba, did you think I was personally attacking Kidron?
    7. Jim Parker
      Jim Parker
      Thank you, Reba.
    8. GreenBlossom
      Hello, I'd like to get into the ladies locker room.
    9. Paloma
      Thank you Reba.
    10. Paloma
      Sorry my post was so brief it only allowed me 420 letters.
      1. reba
        Did ya see the PM?
        Sep 5, 2015
    11. Paloma
      Hi Reba, . Nice to see science open again. :-)

      I have a suggestion. One feature that is becoming popular is the "like" feature. I see we now have this here, great. Howevrr, in the other forums, when people "like" your post, you see who and to what thrrad they liked. So for example, when you sign in, u c the "likes" to your posts. It's very rewarding and you can see who you are in agreement with.

    12. Mike S
      Mike S
      Reba, this guy just likes to argue and bully his way through the threads. Maybe the thread should be closed?
    13. Douglas Summers
      Douglas Summers
      Hi reba, How do you make a donation?

      In Christ
      Douglas Summers,
    14. Nordica
      Hello Reba! Could you please add me to the ladies locker room?
    15. WalterandDebbie
      Hello Reba, and how are you? I don't know, what do you mean about: When you say 'seed' are you referring to His birth? Death? resurrection? did I mention something about your question above?
    16. WalterandDebbie
      1. reba
        God divides the Scriptures The Old covenant and the New Covenant...
        Years ago i accepted Scofield/darby dispensations as truth but when searching things out they miss the mark..
        Yes i know Jesus' pristhood is akin to Mel (sp)
        May 24, 2015
      2. jasonc
        reba and two others are the reason im not a futurist. I see the same problems.
        Jun 5, 2015
    17. WalterandDebbie
      Yes Jesus was/is not Levit .. maybe i dont understand what you mean when you say the law of Moses. Please take a look at this post: 130 and 131,
    18. JohnD
      Hey, Sister, I just made an entry in the staff Q & A / Suggestions that is a real problem here (not to be a complainer, hopefully a helper in solving a problem by pointing it out). Thanks!!!
    19. brother Paul
      brother Paul
      Hi Reba....yup its me the pain in the neck come I still cannot weigh in on previous discussions? Why the cloak and dagger? Is it a problem for me to access other discussions? Why? Every time I try to weigh in on the Geo Column thread I get blocked out.

      1. reba
        I will look into the problem.. you should have access to the science forum
        May 3, 2015
      2. reba
        Thread Status: Not open for further replies.
        Rick has closed that thread .. Too much bickering ..
        You should have access to threads that are not closed
        May 3, 2015
    20. brother Paul
      brother Paul
      Reba....I got your reply and replied appropriately and still cannot access the Christianity and Science pages....why or could you please flip the switch or whatever...Thanks and God bless
      1. reba
        Answer the PM
        Apr 23, 2015
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