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Retired as if a wife can be.


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    1. Chopper
      Reba, I forgot to let you know that I don't have access to my email account.
    2. Chopper
      Hi Reba, I will be gone for at least two weeks, perhaps longer. My brother's wife is very close to death caused by cancer. I'm leaving for Augusta, Maine tomorrow morning. If you need to contact me, my cell phone is xxxxxxxx. I may have a laptop at my disposal so I'll try and keep up on things. Love you, Charlie (Chopper)
    3. sjlord88
      Hello & thank you! :)
    4. JLB
      Why do I have an infraction?

      Brother Mike and I are friends a joke with each other all the time.

      I thought that you said you misunderstood?

      I'm sorry I just noticed the infraction was still up there.

      Please remove this from my account.

      Thanks JLB
    5. About the Son of God
      About the Son of God
      Hi Reba!
      Blessings to you this day, and I hope the lord's peace finds you well.
    6. 2468justme
      I see you made a visit to my profile page. If you want to know something about me, just ask
    7. Angel
      Hi Reba!

      I was wondering if I could be included in the Women's forum?

    8. josefnospam
      Hi Reba Thank you for all the work you do on this sight. I did not know that when you post a thread you cannot have more than 12 replies to your own thread. I do now and I think this is good, as I tend to talk to much...Anway thank you and God Bless .............
    9. farouk
      Hi reba; ty for your tatt post; I replied; seems like some guys have struggles which I kind of sympathize with but not sure what the answer is; hard to set the clock back, so to speak. Blessings.
    10. ejected
      High Reba. I'm still waiting on word about our movie offer. Thanks
    11. handy
      Hey There!
    12. forgiven
      Thank you for the kind welcome!! And the support on home schooling!
    13. Atonement
      Because it's not said often enough, I want to let you know that I appreciate your contributions as a staff member on this site.

      God Bless
    14. jasoncran
      rosemary update. she is so tiny. pray for her as she has lung problems. autumn is so worried about her.
    15. theLords
      Hi Grandma Becky!!!!! Miss you. Finishing out the last few weeks of this semester and working hard on studying and writing essays. Taking a break, but now it's back to the grind. Bless you dearly!!!
    16. ZHarner83
      Very cool! Do you know where your grandchild is stationed and what unit they're with?
    17. hallowbonnie
      thank you so much I certainly am trying just have had alot of confusion but i know he will bring me through.
    18. Thirstyone
      Cool! You had an excellent upbringing and have longevity genes as well! :)

      I have been good so far today and have not taken a thread off least not yet. :D
    19. Thirstyone
      Was your mother still living there when she had you, or had she already moved away? I am assuming she moved away. Is your mother still living?
    20. Thirstyone
      I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I already felt bad taking the thread off topic, I felt I couldn't reply to your comment there because off topic it would go again. I can imagine going over the bridge when it's windy would be a little ummm exciting. Earthquakes? what is that? Hmmm...maybe a little shaking of the earth once in awhile could be described as an earthquake. :D You just try not to think about them as you cross a bridge which could be the last time you are in a car if a quake should happen. ;)

      It seems more impressive to me when you are a little further away where you can see the whole thing. I didn't see much as I crossed the bridge. Perhaps having my eyes closed praying there wouldn't be a quake might be why? :lol Just kidding...they were open.

      I am trying to be good and not take things off topic (at least not too many times). The strain is getting to me. :lol
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    Retired as if a wife can be.
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