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    1. Thirstyone
      Cool! You had an excellent upbringing and have longevity genes as well! :)

      I have been good so far today and have not taken a thread off least not yet. :D
    2. Thirstyone
      Was your mother still living there when she had you, or had she already moved away? I am assuming she moved away. Is your mother still living?
    3. Thirstyone
      I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I already felt bad taking the thread off topic, I felt I couldn't reply to your comment there because off topic it would go again. I can imagine going over the bridge when it's windy would be a little ummm exciting. Earthquakes? what is that? Hmmm...maybe a little shaking of the earth once in awhile could be described as an earthquake. :D You just try not to think about them as you cross a bridge which could be the last time you are in a car if a quake should happen. ;)

      It seems more impressive to me when you are a little further away where you can see the whole thing. I didn't see much as I crossed the bridge. Perhaps having my eyes closed praying there wouldn't be a quake might be why? :lol Just kidding...they were open.

      I am trying to be good and not take things off topic (at least not too many times). The strain is getting to me. :lol
    4. jasoncran
      I will do a thread on it. so that you can see it.
    5. jasoncran
      check the new avatar. took it today. she loved the egg hunt and face painting.
    6. jasoncran
      autumn is the oldest daughter, she has a 14 year old and has one the way.

      jaci met her greatgrandpa and was
    7. reba
      who is having the other child?

      The little ones have such fun with that stuff it makes me smile to watch....
    8. jasoncran
      jaci, will be having her first egg hunt tomorrow.
    9. jasoncran
      new Korean grandchild on the way. so I will have new pics of her when she is born. btw jaci has blue spot above her posterior.
    10. jasoncran
      man I didn't realize that older commentaries thought that the rcc was the rcc. funny how the church has no made it a person and some mysterious one at that.
    11. jasoncran
      why am i not surprised. tammy says monica was that way too.
    12. jasoncran
      if tammy keeps influencing her she will be a tomboy like monica is.
    13. jasoncran
      she walked up to me and hugged me and also gives me the teddy bear. tammy says kiss the bear's nose. so I did and it made jaci smile and walk to tammy and do the same. what a character.
    14. jasoncran
      camera was found. once i make the trip to lake O. i will download all the pics and post the more recent jaci pics.
    15. enlightened
      Tell me how my post concerning the Power of death is not sound, or is it that you interpret it your own way, and cannot consider another?
    16. jasoncran
      I hope your grandson reintegrates quickly
    17. farouk
    18. By Grace
      By Grace
      I got your message. Here is the link:​sketchy-forwarders-050000283.html

      I just checked, and it went through. it is CLEAN, otherwise I would not post it, and it is done in the hoarders/intervention program style
    19. Deborah13
      Thanks so much Deb
    20. farouk
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