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  • Welcome to the forums. Lots of different thoughts and interpretations. We have a ladies locker room.
    Some good teachers some good listeners... hope you make your self at home!
    YW. :)
    PS: I guess patterns like this can sometimes be used in tattoos; in fact, there's a name for this kind of design: tribal. But I don't have a tattoo like this pattern. The royalty free site where I got the avatar from that I uploaded, had hundreds of similar patterns, too, and it's a site that I guess some people would use to go get their tattoo patterns. But this pattern doesn't particularly mean anything to me, nor does it refer to a real tattoo. :)
    (Just by way of further explanation :) ) Blessings.
    Hi; the avatar doesn't particularly represent anything; it was pattern I found that I thought I'd use. Someone on one of the threads commented that I hadn't gotten around to uploading an avatar. So I did it! :) Blessings.
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