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Recent content by Ruthy

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    Ralph's new house

    just thinking
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    Testing again ..

    some one say hi :)
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    Test thread

    Ruthy says this :wave2
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    Growth Scheduled for Migration ...

    A second test posts.
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    Growth Scheduled for Migration ...

    This is a text post...
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    Men (throughout their lives) Are Just Happier People.

    A test post again with the test post And an addition to the post. edited by reba edied a second time
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    Arbitrary Connections

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    Arbitrary Connections

    try a mopar ford
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    This is sick

    http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/abortion-protests-buffer-zones/ To protect women and abortion-clinic doctors and staff, Congress in 1994 passed a law called F.A.C.E. — the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (18 U.S.C., Sect. 248). The law prohibits injuring, intimidating or...
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    This is sick

    It is not speech... it is blocking the roads.. burning cars smashing windows looting these are not speech. Seems i remember restrictions put on peaceful real protesters protesting abortion..
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    The soul of man

    this is a test post 123
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    The Derailing Thread

    testing post hello adding no words
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    To Nick and others

    I doubt if Reba can figure it out but i will look,,, Eora ?
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    Bible Study I was decieved

    Test post post edited by reba