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  • Twonky: Not sure; but I reckon that if the Bible is what any kind of professed Christianity is measured against, then it's hard to go by another standard as a basis for discussion. (My thoughts.)
    Especially at your age (and at any age, too!) it's good to concentrate on the inward and spiritual side as well read the Bible in faith and pray, isn't it? (Your mention of the parents' role made me think that maybe you were in a situation of living still with your parents, that's all, anyway.) And no need for anyone to get a tattoo they don't want, ever. Some folk (lots of them) prefer piercings, an earring, etc.; but anyway even then they don't need to get them if they don't want any, either. God bless.
    Twonky, Sounds good, it was just as an 'FYI' that I left you a message. You are right; for some ppl, what their parents think is significant, if they are still living at home, and especially under 18; in fact, in many states you have to be 18 first, before you can go get one; some parents don't approve; others (who often have them themselves) are quite okay with them. (I'm guessing you're quite young yourself?)
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