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Willie T

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  • glad to see you here willie

    looking around there seems to be less conflict than in cc
    or its less heated

    i dont mind it
    Hey! Just a quick note to say welcome back! Good to see you online.
    Shalom Brother Willie
    Just wanted to say hello and tell you it is refreshing to see a fellow brother who is not saturated in indoctrination of unscriptural legalism that the different denominations tries to weigh us down with.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christ mas!
    I tried sending you a pm, but it must be I do not have enough posts or something. Can you name a few churches around Portland and Everett areas? Thank you.
    Thank you for responding. Obviously, I was angry that day. I was fed up with the darkness that is suppressing the truth found in the very Word of God.
    I do believe the most are searching for Jesus. However, I believe our definition of who Jesus really is needs to be expanded. He's much bigger and more beautiful than we can imagine.
    I was blowing off steam the other day at the mindset that we need to stay with "the standard set of doctrine" that has been handed down to us for centuries. Today, I see this could have been handled differently, but I still stand on the ideas I expressed. If we follow traditions instead of Christ, we miss a LOT of scriptural truth and IMHO a LOT of God himself.
    I don't know about you, but I want to know him and see him as BIG as possible. I want as much of him as he will reveal to me and won't allow anyone else to limit me by their unbelief. I can tell you when a person is TRULY open to that idea, HE WILL reveal more of himself to them.
    However, HIS beauty will SET THEM ON FIRE INSIDE and cause them to speak boldly about him to everyone else. This will cause them to be greatly persecuted by those who are happy with the God they know. That is where I am at my friend. God has been revealing things in scripture that basically crushes many if not most of the standardly accepted Christian "doctrines".
    (sorry, gonna break down into small pieces with last first)

    I believe this is "the returning of the son of man in the sky or heavens". This "sky" is our own spirit-man inside our own minds/heart. It is real truth that is "appearing" even NOW and not man-made religion of the "tares".
    God bless you my friend in your journey to see more of him.
    I attend The Vineyard... in case anyone gets to wondering about some of my less-than-traditional views.
    Hello Willie .. ya getting the site figured out ? need any help just holler ....
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