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  • Hi WIP. In keeping with the recent alert I received, would you be interested in a one on one on "infant baptism" ? No offense, just asking.BTW, are you able to send me a step by step on how to get a one on one started.
    I apologize. I regret to admit but at 86 and alzheimers unless I do something very regularly I forget. Would it be possible for you to send me alist step by step how to set a one one on up. I'll stick it up and follow it if there is a next time.
    Hi WIP==Free Grace and I have reached an agreement for the one on one. The title should be "justification by faith". Will you please set us up? I"m not sure I remember the steps so I may need some help.

    Thank you and God bless
    WIP, I agree to closing out the discussion Papa has asked for . However, I DO NOT want it to no longer be read by others, it MUST remain for others to red.
    Thanks, Billy
    Billybalke asked if I would like to do a one on one, I agree, he said we needed to ask you thanks Mike
    Hi WIP. I just got a message in my notifications tab about privite forums for men and women. If I could get access to the Men's group, that'd be great. Or if the message meant something else please let me know.
    I am a 35 year old man in full time ministry and would like to see what I can do to secure access to the "Men's Locker Room" in order to be able to interact with fellows of like mind and maturity. Please consider this request. If needed, feel free to visit the ministry site at: http://returntograceministry.site123.me/
    I have some confusion with conversations.
    I am wanting to start a conversation with chopper. So when I go to members at top of home page it really isn't a list of all members. when I see him online I click on his name and it goes to his profile page like the one for you I am on right now.With his profile page and yours also I see no way to start a conversation with him or you.
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