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  1. Avalon1

    What is the best study bible for prophecy?

    I'm interested in getting a study bible, I would primarily be using it to read the book of Revelation and other prophecy verses. I'm mostly interested in the commentary, commentary really helps me out a lot especially when it comes to Revelation and sometimes I take a shot at reading it without...
  2. craigdressler

    Anime/Manga & Graphic Bibles

    There are some great graphic and anime Bibles available. One of them is called the Action Bible and another is the Kingstone Bible. The anime Bible, published in Japan, has such titles as Manga Mutiny(Genesis) and Manga Messiah(Gospels). Here is the anime website link: http://nextmanga.com
  3. craigdressler

    Trinitry Truth

    Unfortunately, many cults and religions deny the truth of the Trinity. From Mormons to Jehovah Witnesses to Muslims they simply call Jesus a prophet or great teacher or anything other than God. However, from Genesis when God says, "Let us make man in our image" to the Jesus' Great Commission...
  4. Apousía

    [ Testimony ] Overnight remission from brain cancer

    I had a " supernatural " event about 5 years ago in which I was healed from terminal brain cancer ( and lung cancer ) This was a day before I got down on my knees ( for the first time in my life ) and asked God to send his son, ( I asked by his name, naturally ) and a day later was healed by...
  5. craigdressler

    Bible Manga

    There is some great Bible manga available with such titles as Bible Manga. Here is the website link for more information: http://nextmanga.com
  6. FolloweOfGod

    Is the Trinity biblical? Is Jesus really God?

    I recently read an article which shows that the Trinity is not biblical. Can some of you read this article to prove whether it is right or wrong? But please, everything based on the Bible and not your own opinions.
  7. P

    For Todays Living

    The Bible is an ancient document, but it contains a vast amount of wisdom for how we should live in today's world. Short gems of wisdom are contain the the blog: Ancient Wisdom 4 Today's Living. May God Bless each of you and yours.
  8. Brock

    Bible Study Ephesians 5:1-20

    Ephesians 5:1-20 does this pertain to like movies and video games I don't think either of them are sins but this makes me think
  9. Brock

    Bible Study My favorite bible verse

    John 14:6
  10. Brock

    The only book I like reading is........

    Gods word lol
  11. C

    Something Strange Is Happening In The Bible

    Isaiah 11:6 Remember "and the lion shall lie down with the Lamb?" It's now "and the wolf will dwell with the lamb." The lion never laid with the lamb. Because Isaiah 11:6 has changed, the word of god has changed.
  12. Classik

    Your favorite Bible Version

    I discovered the Contemporary English Version bible. I think it's the easiest to understand, written in simple conversational English (if you know what I mean). Kindergarten Bible :D But I use often the NKJV. One of my mentors tells me NIV is good enough
  13. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Interior Breakthrough

    How do we move in heavenly authority in our lives?
  14. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Consciousness Of Heaven And Eternity

    As Christians how can we increase our measure of impact on society?
  15. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Becoming A New Sharp Threshing Instrument

    How much time per day should we spend confessing our sins and shortcomings?
  16. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Getting Out Of The Boat

    What is it going to take to get us to apprehend God's purpose for our life?
  17. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Walking And Talking Believers

    What is the extent of our authority in Christ -- or do we have any authority?
  18. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Complete In Christ

    Allowing Christ to flow freely out of us enables us to do what?
  19. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Should I be willing to take risks in my spiritual walk?