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  1. P

    For Todays Living

    The Bible is an ancient document, but it contains a vast amount of wisdom for how we should live in today's world. Short gems of wisdom are contain the the blog: Ancient Wisdom 4 Today's Living. May God Bless each of you and yours.
  2. N

    Wonderfully blessed CHURCH

    I went to a remote village to do my teacher job to kids God made me to know Jesus I have hear the gospel.. in 1988.. i accepted Jesus I started to witness to people on my evening times.. I went to do my teacher job work on day times and went to witness to people on my evening times Slowly God...
  3. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Praying For Those Who Are Not Saved

    Why do we need to persevere with God in prayer concerning the salvation of others?
  4. Albert Finch

    Growth Deeds, Claims, and Promises of Jesus - 4 (of11)

    Jesus makes an evangelist out of...................................
  5. L

    Newbie to Christian Forums!

    Hello everyone! I'm very excited to start another chapter in my walk with God and Jesus! I was born and raised Christian, however, when I was about 18 I backslid quite a bit as some do. God never left my heart but my walk was far from strong. Anywho, here I am at 31 and for the past couple years...