15 year old prolifer punched in face

I do not believe it is a partisan issue. But an emotional and mental one. If the woman in that video was self assured she wouldn't assault a child for sharing a different view on abortion.
However, isn't it fitting that there is unimaginable violence occurring against children on the other side of that clinic's wall , and someone who works within that atmosphere for hours a day is violent too?

I'm certain there's a scripture that says violence is like a virus and infects those around it. I'm looking for that now. If I find it I'll edit.
I do not believe it is a partisan issue. But an emotional and mental one.
It is both. Liberalism is characterized by a manic and adamant need to silence all opposition by any means necessary. Since the election of Donald Trump liberals as a group have repeatedly and clearly displayed their true colors, in particular their willingness to commit acts of violence against any and all they consider part of the opposition.

Of course there is really nothing new here, liberalism inherent with this philosophy has been demonstrated as far back as the Weather Underground. Recently liberals are just more blatant about it.
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I think there's a violent, authoritarian streak to American culture (in general...) that becomes more pronounced and problematic when politics enter the equation.
Since Planned Parenthood is now under DOJ investigation for breaking federal law by chopping up aborted babies & selling their body parts for profit... that means Congress will IMMEDIATELY stop giving half a BILLION dollars of our tax money to PP every year, right? RIGHT, CONGRESS?!
From link: "An unidentified assailant punched a 15-year-old pro-life student in the face Saturday as the student and a fellow pro-life demonstrator were peacefully holding pro-life signs and offering counseling."
Why, what a shocker.

Those people don't seem to understand anything but violence.
And to think, Hillary R. Clinton said during her campaign that she supported abortion at any stage. Even what is known as "partial birth" abortion.
Please look that up if anyone doesn't know what it is. It makes me physically queasy knowing , much less sharing here.

God doth bless Ms. Purity Thomas for her genuine and forgiving heart.
I think the assailant not having to answer to the law for her assault on a child is a bad move. It gives the assailant personal security in knowing no one's pressing charges. And that can lead her to think pro-life persons are passive and that can lead her to do this again.
I wouldn't think anyone at the scene needs to know her name in order to call police and tell them where she is after the assault caught on camera lends evidence to them.
Police investigate murders without knowing the assailants name. They go on the evidence. In this case, someone was recording an assault in the open in broad daylight so there is no issue as to clarity in the video. And they know , due to the video, where the assailant walked to afterward.
Call the police and let them look at the video and then go in and get the suspect and bring her out for identification by the witnesses outside.

Then after she's sentenced for her assault, that would be life without parole, to be served working all her days in special facilities that care for handicapped children who survived botched abortions.

:biggrin JUSTICE!