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A Young Man's Journey To War give away!

Dec 4, 2010
I want to increase my sales of the book to pad my wife's and daughter's bank account. To do this I have decided to give away twenty-five copies of the original PDF File. The first twenty-five will be able to read the book with any free Book Reader or on their Kindle, as I understand it. But you should not need a reader because except some crazy person deleted it on the Install of you Operating System, there should have been one installed. They are very standard these days.

In every modern computer one needs only to double click the file from your Desk Top or in the Directory (Folder) i which you chose to save it in. Most Browsers and Email Clients save downloaded files to Downloads and even Nix Systems do not drop the capital letter on those Directories making finding those file.

For ease and if you can manage it, I recommend saving it from your email directly to your Desk Top and from there copy it to your Downloads directory because you will grow tired of the icon on your Desk Top after you finish reading the book.
The only thing I request is tat if it is any good, please, tell your friends they can purchase a copy as cheep as $2.99 for the file and $11.99 anjd for the hard copy at Amazon.
All I need s for you to email me @ th1bill@juno.com and I will return the file using your email address.
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