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    On another "Christian" forum, they have a "help me" section similar to the one here, and there is a young man , about 30ish, posting there, who is currently being kicked by the devil, certain misunderstood verses in the bible, and of course by the type Christians that try to convince all other believers that you can "lose your salvation".
    This suffering brother has applied for help on that forum as he is just beside himself with worry and anxiety and fear and guilt.
    His issue is that he was a good Christian who left the walk and got into the world and enjoyed it for some years, then of course his life eventually fell apart, and now he is worried that he is going to go to hell and is just beside himself.
    The Brother is in pain, he is close to the edge, and because he does not understand God's Grace, he is just Thorn'd and TORN with condemnation.
    Now, most of you, no matter your personal theology or your personal opinion regarding "OSAS", have not visited Mental Health Clinics where many people live.
    I have.
    I have visited the hurting in these places, and YOU would be surprised at how many are there only because they have become convinced by other Christians, and by the Devil, that they are lost.
    Originally by condemnation they were led to think, "what if i have committed the unpardonable sin"..."what if i have lost my salvation"... until they eventually believe they are lost, and are become controlled by their circular reasoning tormenting mental trap.
    See, once that gets going in your head, once you are convinced of such a frightening and painful idea, once you actually BELIEVE you are LOST, it can lead any believer to the place where they lock you in at night.
    So, you keep that in mind when you are trying your best, (whoever you are) ????? to convince other Born Again Saints that they can "lose their salvation"

    So, i wrote him this on another Forum, and i offer it to you as something to think about if you ever meet one of these incredibly suffering believers who are in such mental anguish about "losing it".




    Do you have any children?

    If yes then you know, and if you dont you probably will, ......that at times when they are 4, 14, 24, 44, ...they will really pretty much hate you at times.

    "thats life".

    See, in real life and regarding people, (and not on Christian forums where everyone is perfect), you'll find that things go wrong, they turn upside down, and sometimes they never do get exactly right again, and you just have to carry on from there with prayer.... And so it is with relationships with your children.

    Here is the thing...... your children are your blood, they are a part of you by birth, and you will love them and they will always be a part of you no matter how they behave, as that is what it means to be a PARENT of a child you have born into this world.

    There is no undoing it because they are terrible...... as you cant stop being their parent based on their behavior, as THEIR BIRTH has created an eternal situation for you....= PARENT.

    And so, with God, its exactly the same.

    See, God is more then "Creator" of the born again......He is DADDY.....He is ABBA....He is FATHER......He is PARENT of all He has BEGOTTEN, and just like an earthly parent is connected eternally to their child by birth and blood, so the Father is connected to all He has Begotten by the Blood of Jesus = into His FAMILY.

    So, never again worry about being lost or unsaved or eternally parted from God, as you cant achieve this, as you didnt create the born again situation for yourself that connects you to God your Father... = HE DID.

    Now, you can be a horrible child of God or you can be a fair one or you can be a remarkable one, but you ARE ONE, no matter how you behave, as that is what BIRTH does.

    "New Birth"<><> "Born Again", is a done deal and it does not take into account what "type" person you are on any given day, month, year, or decade of your life.
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    It is truly sad when a person is being grieved and convicted of their sin. However, its a good thing that they go through this. It is God's way of disciplining them.

    I would not tell a child, who is being disciplined by their parents, that their parents did not love them or want them. I would also hope no one would tell my children that I did not love them when I am disciplining them.

    I would also not tell a child, who is being disciplined, to ignore the discipline - and to not accept it - just because they are the parents child. Rather, I would teach the child that it is because of the discipline they can understand that their parents love them and to not turn away from their parents.

    If a child does not submit to the parents discipline, and instead becomes hardened by it - there are times when that leads them to run away from their parents and end up in a bad place.

    There are many children in the world who run from their parents each year, and because their parents love them, they let them go. There is always the hope the child will come back - but the parent is not going to force them to come back.

    If that child never comes back, because they are so hardened to the love of the parents disciplining them - then they have made that choice - no matter if they were born to the parents or not. Being born into a family does not guarantee that a child will remain in that family if they choose to leave.

    Rather, we should always seek to help those who are hurting - who are coming under God's discipline - and show them it is for their good that they do not resist it.

    Hebrews 12 is a great place to point a person to that is going through the discipline of God.
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    This is a non debate... forum stating one opinion once and then letting it go is not debate.. dont go to debate ...
    do not reply to this post in this thread.. Admin
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    Hi Kidron,

    I also have met persons such as this one.
    The problem is that they don't understand the love God has for them.
    It has nothing to do with losing salvation. (I believe it can be lost by abandoning God)

    All it takes is John 3:16
    All it takes is the story of the Prodigal Son.
    Then we could add 1 John 1.

    So the problem is that he's seeking help from other persons and who knows what he'll be told.
    The problem is that HE doesn't have a good understanding of God's word and apparently didn't go to a church that teaches it.

    I know from having much exposure to the Catholic church that some of them suffer from something they call "scrupulosity".
    But they have OTHER PROBLEMS which causes this. Psychological problems. A lot of OCD. This bring this disorder to the Christianly walk and every fall is reason for despair.

    So, I wouldn't blame his problem on those of us who believe that salvation can indeed be lost.

    BUT, if one is WORRIED ABOUT IT, it means they ARE NOT LOST. One who is truly lost doesn't really care about God anymore and has no worries.

    This person should get some really good counselling. The best counselling would be to understand the Word of God, but a good pastor would do him well, since I doubt he'll listen to anyone on any forum and he may very well not even listen to a pastor.

    But, yes, you must help him as much as possible.

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