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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Ben and I'm a 29 year old banker in Alabama. My wife and I got married in 2015. We both met in college, at church no less, and I don't think God could have picked anyone better for me.
The things I struggle with most are anxiety, anger, and lust. Instead of spending time on message boards that discuss negative things or things of this world, I believe I need to spend more time among believers. My roots in the world run deep, and I want to dig 'em up!
I would consider myself pretty intelligent. I have both a bachelors and masters degree and my wife has a doctorate. Unlike some, my intellect actually confirms my faith as I see no other possible way that the universe and the world came together as it did other than intelligent design as described in Genesis.
My top 3 spiritual gifts in order are teaching, discernment, and leadership. I'm definitely looking to get involved with ministry in some aspect and am currently taking steps within my local church to that end.
I look forward to honest, meaningful conversation that can bring us closer to Christ and better perfect our faith through him. I'm a pretty open book, so ask away. Look forward to meeting you all!
Hello Ben,

I was thinking about what to say in my introduction, came across yours, and was moved to just start here. Anxiety, anger and lust are an odd combination for a self described intelligent man who has the best woman God could have provided. Would you be willing to share more about those feelings?