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[__ Prayer __] and yes, --more-- family praises!

Oct 23, 2010
Thanksgiving was amazing. Just my parents and me. They did the cooking, and...it was almost like a big gift, from them to --me--. Keep in mind; I was once the most wretched creature imaginable. OK...

...today, my parents helped me deep clean my room. I mean, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing...awesome. I feel better already. I'm even opening my blinds and letting some light in ((that helps paranoia, btw)).

My parents talk to me more, about...well, life. Stuff. Please pray for my dad. He had to have some growths removed from his face. It wasn't cancer, but he's got to go to a specialist. I'm glad they have sufficient resources and good insurance. God is good!

Clearly, I now see my parents as...people, who brought me into this world. "Honor thy mother and thy father." Kind of a big deal.

Please pray for my mama, too. She's retired. I'm happy about that. She's already looking a lot healthier, now that all the stress is off. I'm so happy they have been blessed with more resources now. Now and then, she'll make a day out of going to her hair cutting+coloring lady, going here and there, etc. She really couldn't do that while working her insanely high pressure job, and...I get it, now; I didn't, before. Life can be rough. Money doesn't grow on trees. They love me, and I love them.

Thanks! :)

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