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Bailing on a Timeshare


Shepherd of the Knotical kid-farm
Sep 11, 2012
Every so often I get a renewed desire to find a way to get out of our timeshare. Recently my wife came across a company (Wesley Financial Group, LLC; based out of Nashville, TN) who appears to specialize in this very thing. However, one of the things that I kept hearing over the years is when anyone asks for money up front watch out. Quite honestly I would love to be out from under this burden, but it has been all but impossible to get out of it, including looking for services where they sell your points to other people.

One thing we also just realized that the whole idea that we can basically will the timeshare to our kids is actually a badly explained requirement that is the contract. In actuality, it will pass to our kids whether they want it to or not and they will be required to continue paying the annual maintenance fees (whatever they happen to be at the time) once we are no longer here.

Just another case of buyers remorse and an additional example of why you should read things before you sign them.

Has anyone heard of this company, or any other for that matter, and are they legit? They do have an A+ rating with the BBB (though I take that with a grain of salt having dealt with the BBB in the past on both ends of complaints against a company_.

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