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Bible Study Bible study is open to all.

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Dec 23, 2010
Our Bible Study area seeks to grow as a God honoring, Jesus proclaiming, Holy Spirit led, Word-driven forum which dedicates itself to the glory of God. God is gathering us from all nations to worship Him. Therefore we will be involved in studying His word that we may plant His seed in love.

The Holy Scriptures will be treated as such. Zero tolerance for breaks of the ToS. The OP will set the tone of the thread/study. We are expecting members to be aware of the fine line between discussion and argument. Please feel free to open a new thread and avoid the battle.

"This forum is intended for cooperative discussion about scripture within God's Word. It is not an appropriate place to discuss versions of it or argue that certain versions are invalid."

"There is a forum for [ blogs] if members are not interested in discussion."

Papa Zoom Edit: The blogs are not yet set up so the link is to an error page. ;)
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Not open for further replies.