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christian music channel

Sep 14, 2017
hey everyone
copule of months ago i published here my youtube channel dedicated to gregorian pieces and Catholic music
i worked very hard on that channel, trying to find the lyrics and translation in the bible and putting sources in the videos with the subtitles
a month ago youtube decided to take it down due to inappropriate and offensive content referring to a channel with mostly holy music, calm and peacful chants and masses, anyway, i felt pretty bad after that but since i got a message in email asking me what happened i decided to bring everything back.
after a lot of work i have managed to reacreate the channel, i am adding subtitles and translations and videos on a daily basis, wanted to share it with you people, this takes a lot of work, and most importantly, is done by my free will and without getting anything back from it, if a video has ads, its monitized for the creators with youtube copyright system
this is one of the videos, didnt work hard on the subtitles there haha but i am working as much as i can on each possible aspect of adding videos such as distinugishing types from each other (thumbnail is related to female singing/male+female/polyphony etc.. very easy to understand)
and on the other hand we have this one
which did in fact take me a lot of time
once again, just wanted to share with fellow catholics

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