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Cool another Christian forum(that makes 8 I've joined!)

Nov 1, 2017
Hi again that fizzy guy. There has not been a great deal of youth entering our discussion on doctrines, etc, although the ones we have are involved, and so far stayed in discussions of main stream Christianity as it were. We don't have the Chat which appeal to some, and I have been on forums that do, but I suppose I'm too old to enjoy that form of fellowship. I do not say this as something to put them down, but at times the chat forums appeared to be turning into dating sites. What do you find appropriate, and/or desirable in such assembling? Thanks.
well eugene,I quite like discussing the bible though I tend to like jokes or silly stuff too,but mostly I like a fellowship where there is for the most part either something learned or everyone is uplifted in joy or spiritually,particularly though I speak on baptism and salvation at the least to anyone who would like to know of such things because,my first church never had the salvation discussion with me and in a sense kept me ignorant of how to be saved for they focused on baptism.
I kind of just roam the corridors of these sites welcoming people,praying for people,and try to at the least through the holy spirit answer some "important" bible questions,at the very least 1 during a day if nothing else,for I feel God has called me to help others through fellowship on these sites and particularly to teach of salvation and baptism,I may be young but I've read the bible all the way through once due to writing a memory teaching composition that required going through the bible,so in that way the holy spirit can bring to reminder scriptures when there is a need.
I really would prefer people to be more "serious" when discussing the bible because I believe it is God's word and should be respected and am completely serious when discussing it.
I also believe in bonds and soul knitting as in that as you make friends and grow in spirit you find that you care for people as yourself or at the least you find people that agree with your views that are as firm as yourself in belief.
All in all I like a friendly fellowship with a mind for "learning" "encouragement" "prayer" and every now and then "fun" such as telling jokes or giving being serious a temporary break to not overwork oneself because as much as I value seriousness often it's good to try some other joyful things such as praise or humor because I don't believe God wants anyone to become a drudge,feeling miserable from routine,God's word often can lift someone up but as many know eventually boredom can set in temporarily and kind of discourage us somewhat after all it's tiring speaking on God's word not only mentally but spiritually,so a break from routine can be good well that pretty much sums up how I feel on what I look forward to as far as fellowship.
Appropriateness now I believe that there is no reason for asking people for dates randomly it's dumb in my opinion and inappropriate,and likewise condescending remarks bait and judge questions and one sided arguments are inappropriate in my view,any discussion should be made to where all parties feel comfortable discussing and given an opportunity to speak as well as listened to(metaphorically of course we type not speak on here)and of course explicit content is a no brainer it shouldn't be used on these sites,and there should be no targeting allowed as in no one should seek someone personally as an enemy seeking to harass them and especially shouldn't seek anyone in such anger outside these sites in hopes of supposedly making a point(one person on a site sought someone and used a post from an unrelated and rather private site to trash someone) that to me is spitefulness and I believe God doesn't approve of such behavior,well that's all on appropriateness too,God bless you!
Aug 24, 2012
I quite like discussing the bible though I tend to like jokes or silly stuff too.
The prime reason my wife has asked if I'll ever grow up. I appreciate the attitude, and the mission you realize in your personal walk in Christ.
I think we agree in the manner we approach witnessing, and I think of:
Rom 14:1. Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.
Rom 14:3 Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth: for God hath received him.
Blessings in Christ Jesus. :)
Mar 11, 2014
Well, the one way back when I was a kid. So that'd be 65. ;)
A dark one .one of the first cartoons to have death of any character. The only type for Hanna/Barbara

I miss those days of toons in my youth. Not even adventure time and dextors laboratory come close

Papa Zoom

Staff member
CF Ambassador
Jul 19, 2014
A dark one .one of the first cartoons to have death of any character. The only type for Hanna/Barbara

I miss those days of toons in my youth. Not even adventure time and dextors laboratory come close
I remember growing up and hoping I never got tired of cartoons. :/ I did. Now most stuff today is horrible.