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Announcement Disciplinary Process Explained

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Mar 13, 2010
"Disciplinary Action" refers to warnings, suspensions and bans. This does not include deletes or edits of posts.

Generally speaking, one warning lasts (remains active) for 2 months, and has a value of 1 point when it is active. A warning may have 0 points. If you receive more warnings while you still have an active one, the time before they expire will increase.
The number of points and duration for a warning is at the discretion of the staff.

Three active warning points will result in an automatic 1 month suspension (this is done by the system). This is a three strike system, however upon return from the 1 month suspension, it is only a 1 strike system. Users who attempt to circumvent this disciplinary system by not logging in until their warnings expire to then incur more through bad behavior will not be tolerated by the staff.

This disciplinary system is a guide only; for severe violations of the Terms of Service, the reaction from the staff will escalate.

Members will receive a SAC relating to the warning. Keep this, Private Conversation, as it your record of the warning...

Note: Only the staff can view your warning record. All communication and information regarding warnings, suspension and bans are between you and the staff only. The staff will not communicate to anybody else that you or anyone else has or has not received a warning etc.

Appeals against disciplinary action taken (warnings, suspensions or bans) may be appealed by posting a thread in the Talk With The Staff forum. An action posted by a moderator within a thread may be appealed by posting in the Talk With The Staff forum . Please include a URL when possible. Action taken through private conversation may be appealed through private conversation with an administrator. Please see the announcement inside that forum for more information. An administrator may decide to reverse the warning (etc). This will still be visible on your record but will be shown as reversed, and will not count towards you points. If it is decided that your warning stands, please accept it and move on. Repeated attempts to argue with an administrator's decision after s/he has made a decision may incur more action. Warnings will only be deleted off of your record in exceptional circumstances.

I hope this clarifies things a bit :)
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