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do near death experiences of other religions exist?

Apr 3, 2014
Wow, thanks Runner. I totally understand the points you made there, and even resonate with some of the themes. I don't know if you've seen any of my posts detailing my own experiences (I had an out-of-body experience, not an NDE, but study both). I began the big turn to becoming a born-again Christian due to my vision (it was to Hell), and yet it all smacks of New Age meets traditional Christianity. I almost can't wait to die just to find out just how much, if any, of New Age belief is real.

I don't have the luxury, as it were, of simply following Holy Scripture and rejecting all the rest as I'm not a fundamentalist Christian (I wasn't sure if I was going to be welcomed here at first). It seems like I have to work for my beliefs, trying to reconcile the two basic types of NDE (New Age vs. traditional Christian).

You're also right about the name being woefully archaic, but for me it's other reasons. I feel the term "Near Death Experience" reflects science's unabashed bias against resurrection, i.e. once you're dead, you're dead. If your soul is actually leaving your body, hence which dies, and you return to reanimate, then a better term is Post Death Experience.
Oct 24, 2013
Interesting some have claimed to have seen 'hell'.

In my opinion a biblical deffinition of sheol could best be summed up as the family grave. Sheol is described in my Tanach as it were protected by gates and bolts just as certain burial sites were back in the day. Sheol is described as having separate compartments devised for clans, families and further described as subterranean which was also the custom of hewing out of rock passages, leading downward, for burial.

Anyway I for one find no evidence in Tanach of a place called hell where devils and eternal torment reside. It can said then that such a place is 'greek to me' :) . Only a cruel father could devise such a place for his children. However I do find one piece of evidence/scripture that supports a NDE core experience Runner has mentioned.
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Aug 16, 2015
Were you there when he said those things?
No. I couldn't be there.
But Grandpa was a Lutheran...had a late in life return to his faith. (Considering the rest of his life it was one of the few things he hadn't tried...he was never considered a "good guy")
I remember times that he still argued with his mother (right in front of me). The "girlfriends" he brought home from cruise ship trips.
But his son, my dad, inspired him to return to church.
As a result I think that he made it to heaven.

But I also think that he was not there yet when he said what he said. It was just delusions of the brain shutting down. But it did give him a lot of peace instead of fearful panic. He expected to go to Heaven. I've seen many that didn't expect to go. They are anything but peaceful.

And there's something about believing in The One who has never lied about something that we only get to see when physically dead. It removes all fear, panic, and dread of inevitability.