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Aug 4, 2005
About 10PM the other night, I noticed a star shining into my southern bedroom window as I was dozing off. I recognized the star as Fomalhaut, the mouth of the fish Piscis Austrinus. Aquarius is pouring an endless supply of water into the mouth of the fish and reminds me of the latter days, e.g. Isaiah 44:3.

But... Fomalhaut is a strange star with a strange solar system indeed. Upon looking it up on the web here, I came across an interesting article stating "Fomalhaut has a planet that rose from the dead, as well as a vast number of comets that crash into each other daily." Sort of fits the Halloween holiday (lol) and I could imagine it a very hot place with all those comets crashing, the comets would produce a lot of heat. Has trillions of them!

To view Fomalhaut, at the end of this month (and now already) Fomalhaut is positioned due south about 20 degrees above the horizon (mid latitudes USA) about 9PM. It's a fairly bright 1+ magnitude star that stands out alone. No searching whatsoever for this one.


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