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Good Idea of the Day

We have a 'Laugh of the Day' thread and and 'Idiot of the Day' thread so I thought it time for a thread that highlights good ideas whether they be from politicians, media or everyday people.

Trump backs Sen. Paul's plan to fund infrastructure projects with suspended aid to Pakistan
By Bradford Betz | Fox News

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says he plans to introduce a bill to fund domestic infrastructure projects using suspended foreign aid to Pakistan. (Associated Press)

President Donald Trump on Friday evening issued support for U.S. Sen. Rand Paul's proposal to fund infrastructure projects in the U.S. with foreign aid halted from going to Pakistan.

"Good idea Rand!" came the president's response.

In a tweet Thursday, Rand, a Kentucky Republican, said he planned to introduce his proposal soon.

"My bill will take the money that would have gone to Pakistan and put it in an infrastructure fund to build roads and bridges here at home," the senator tweeted.
California may as well be part of Mexico. With the number of illegals pouring into the state, and it becoming a "sanctuary state," it has all become Mexico Jr in all but name.

Can't wait to get out of here. Two more weeks and I am Texas bound.
A wall could be built.around the state and congress removes it from the union.
I have a good idea. Israel and Palestine should work together at west bank and invest, and create jobs, and crack down on drugs, and give people opportunity,, and then work on a political solution later. Because if both sides care about there people then they should do they right thing for them.
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Right here, right now
I have a good idea. Israel and Palestine should work together at west bank and invest money and create jobs and crack down on drugs and give people opportunity, and then come up with a political solution later.
That's a pipe dream.
If the "Palestinians" laid down their arms, there would be peace.
If the Jews laid down their arms, the Palestinians would murder all of them.