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[ Testimony ] Healing and praying

Apr 7, 2016
Every church (Christian) that I have gone to has talked about God healing. Yet every church that I have gone to has lots of people in need of healing. And I usually see very little prayer for healing. Despite all that is written and all that is preached, it seems like there is in general very very little faith or actions based upon faith for healing. As a result, it seems to me that we have way way too many hurting (and I mean physically hurting) Christians. I think we (Christains) as a group should be embarrassed with ourselves for not seeking the Lord more. For both what He has to say to us and for His promises. He said if He people would humble themselves and pray. So do we? And if we did what could happen?

So some quick testimonies.

I saw a lady at church get off the elevator with a limp. I ask her if there was something wrong with her foot. She said she had fallen off a chair at work that day, and had twisted her ankle. I got another Christian lady (because my church does not want men laying hands on women), and she anointed the lady with the bad ankle, the presence of God fell. We all felt it. His presences brought tears emotional tears to the eyes of the lady who was hurting and she was healed. It was simple, fast, and someone was healed.

Another time heard a word from the Lord about someone having problems with their stomach. I inquired of the person and it was confirmed. This also being a lady, I handed them a prayer card. The next time I saw the person, they said their stomach was healed. It did come back later though, so this time I had another lady anoint the lady and it went away. The next time I saw that lady it had not come back again.

Three of us were praying for a lady that was going for heart surgery the next day. The presence of God fell very powerfully. We all felt it. The next day she went in for heart surgery and they wound up sending her home because they could not find the problem any longer.

I walked into a room at church with a number of people who the pastor was talking to. He was telling them about 'words of knowledge'. I went to the back of the room next to another men I knew. Then the Lord ask me to pray. In front of us was a man sitting and listening to the message. The Lord ask me if I would pray on that man's shoulder. So when I got a change I asked the man if I could pray on his shoulder, and he said ok. So I put my hand on his shoulder to begin to pray and the man said, "not that shoulder, the other shoulder". I turn out that the man had pain in his left shoulder. We (my friend and I) prayed for the shoulder and it was healed.

Not every time I pray for healing does it seem to happen, but it seems like at least two out three times there is a testimony from the person being prayed for that healing did happen. And sometime you just don't know. Like the person with the heart surgery, we did not know after praying. We found out later. With God having that type of record, which has to be better than I hear from people going to the Doctor's office, how is it that we as Christians are not all over this. How is it we have so many hurting people at church. It is just a case of His people not humbling themselves and asking the Lord to heal themselves and others?
Apr 7, 2016
There is a healing ministry that the Lord has me in. I feel very lucky and bless that He has me in it, but it equally amazes me that somehow I usually don't want to go. While I have been doing it for years, I never feel like I can do it. Actually I can't but He can. I know that, but it still amazes me that when the time comes every week, I don't want to go. I see the things I do wrong, and the lack of curtain natural abilities, and I tell the Lord that He has the wrong man. He tells me to go. So I go, thinking there must be someone better than me that He could use. There must be, but He gets me to listen and go. That is what's needed.

So again I go. Someone has had a head injury and reports severe pain that they needs prayer for. They say it has completely gone away. And a shoulder is healed. Another thinking they have spiritual curses causing them problems, is lead to seeks the Lord, and find that is not the real problem. There are open spiritual doors that need closing. Another picks up a spirit sense of smell. And to another spiritual gifts are given out. Everyone feels the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and everyone, including me, goes away praising God and the wonderful things He does. It's just another typical week in the ministry. God's awesome, and He always shows up. I see it week after week. But next week again I will probably tell Him that He should fine someone better than me to pray for the people. It's silly. I know it. He just needs willing people that want to listen to Him.

Another lady in the ministry came up to me. She told me that they had just made her a leader. She didn't feel worthy, though it was of no surprise. She had been doing the ministry for a while. She said she was going to miss praying with me, because she said I always help tell her what to pray for and was right every time. I don't know about that. I just try and listening to the Lord and do what He says, but I don't know if I get it right all the time. In fact I seriously doubt I do. Surely there are lots people that listen to Him and hear from Him better than I do. She could hear Him well. Then she told me, "I guess not thinking your good enough, is the thing needed to be a good leader."

Yeah, She is ready to lead, and she was right. If you think you are good enough you won't seek the Lord for what He has to say. So things He wants done and in the way He wants them done won't happen. There is something written about when we are week, He is strong. He does miracles and regularly, but He needs people who listen to Him and what He says. Those type of people listen to Him because they know they don't think they have the answers. They have to listen to Him, and that is their attitude. I can't do this healing ministry! All I can do is seek Him and what He has to say and try and do that. I don't even feel I am very good at that. Yet seeking Him and trying to do what He asks, step by step, results in miracles on a regular basis.

So next week, I almost surely will again tell Him that He should find someone better than me. I can see my faults. Yet almost surely He again will tell me He needs me and to get going. So again I will go, wondering why me. And when I ask Him, why me Lord, He tells me again "Because you listen to Me."

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