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Discussion in 'New Member Forum' started by emma987, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. emma987

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    Aug 11, 2017
    I'm a teenager girl and I am trying to get closer to God and I just have a lot to ask and also to find advice and maybe even receive prayers for my spiritual battles and demonic torments i have at night I get constantly paralyzed and all these bad weird thoughts come inside my mind while I'm a sleep I come from a Catholic family but they aren't very religious and at all they believe that what i'm going through is all in my head but i know its not i also suffer from social anxiety and depression and I really want to beat these demons in the name of I am also looking for a way to get closer to God without leaning to or going to the Catholic religion im skeptical about it right now i feel like im by myself when it comes to having faith in God in my family and even in school which I attend a Catholic school.
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  2. dirtfarmer

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    Aug 10, 2016
    Loganville Ga
    hello emma987, dirtfarmer here

    You may be alone and by yourself when it comes to your family and their faith, but I will tell you, if you have faith in Christ you are never alone. The Spirit of God dwells in those that have faith in Christ and because of this we are never alone. We can be in a room without any one and still feel the comfort of the presence of God's Spirit.

    Continue to read scripture and pray for God to reveal the truth of scripture. God has promised that those that seek His wisdom, he will reveal it to them.

    I will pray that you will be victorious in your battles, as I am sure that most on this forum will join you in your prayers for victory through Christ.

    There is nothing that can take the place of being alone with Christ in your daily walk seeking his guidance.

    May you have a peaceful and restful night of rest.

    I almost forgot: WELCOME TO THE FORUMS.

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  3. banded butterfly

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    Aug 6, 2017
    In the hand of Jesus forever
    Welcome to our community emma,
    I think you'll find a great deal of comfort here among us. And prayers also for your protection and peace of mind. I shall hold you in prayer. And hope for you that God's angels surround you and let you to peaceful sleep. Amen.
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  4. Eugene

    Eugene Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 24, 2012
    Hi and welcome Sister emma987 in the blessed name of Jesus. I pray for the peace of God in your life, and it can & does come through learning of the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus. 2 Pet 3:18.

    In Christ we have been given armor against doubt, victory over conscience, and power over our enemy. Just knowing Him Who loves us most has promised to never leave of forsake us according to Heb 13:5, and in Joh 6:37 All that the Father giveth me (That's us) shall come to me (We did); and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

    I have posted the following two pamphlets I hope will give you the comfort in Christ you seek, and the peace that passes understanding that can follow us who have called on the name of Jesus. Rom 10:13.

    The Armor of God

    Salvation with Security – 1, 2, 3

    Blessings in Christ Jesus. :wave2
  5. Jim Parker

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Right here, right now
    You are a child of God; a member of His household.
    As a child of God, you have the authority to bind any demonic activity and to command that they leave you and your house.

    When you are assailed by torments, command them in the name of LORD Jesus to leave you.
    You can also replace the seemingly random thoughts with prayer. In particular, for well over 1000 years, monks, nuns, and holy men and women of God have used the "Jesus Prayer" which is:
    "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me the sinner."
    Repeat that over and over until you fall asleep.
    Start it again when you wake up. Keep it always running in your mind and on your lips when it won't disturb others. Fill you mind with prayer.
    IN that way you can "pray without ceasing," (1Th 5:17)

    Find a spiritual mentor. Is there a nun at the Catholic school that you respect? See if she can give you guidance.

    Do you have a Bible? If so, read the Gospels and the Epistles over and over. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through them. Try to put what you learn into practice.

    You are not alone in your experience. It is very common particularly among those who are struggling with their faith or the religious group in which they worship. Just remember, Jesus Christ loves YOU so much that He gave his life specifically for you because God, the creator of heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible loves YOU. You can count on that. "He Himself has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.' " (Hebrews 13:5)

    You have much greater authority then any demon or even all of the demons of hell because you are a daughter of God almighty and are indwelt with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

    God loves you and everyone here loves you as well.

  6. Watching Thomas

    Watching Thomas Member

    Aug 2, 2017
    When I was a teenage, Emma987, I didn't have it as bad as you, however I want to encourage you that Jesus is the way to go. I had bouts of depression as a teenager even after I accepted Christ. The bouts would last many days. One time after about 3 hours of another depressive cloud settling on me, for some reason I prayed in Jesus name for it to go. It lifted off immediately which greatly shocked me. But helped me understand how powerful God was. This is the sort of thing brother Jim said in his post above mine about commanding these torments to go. Now, I did end up having further bouts which did not always respond so quickly to prayer but then other things in my life were getting better so overall I was on the up. However, not always did it seem I was on the up but over time I could see I was.

    As you try and walk with Jesus, with talking to him and putting faith into things like the armor of God (as kind brother Eugene said in two posts above) you will make progress. The enemy will try and convince you that you are not making progress (especially after you prayer and not think anything is happening) but that is where you can start using your faith as a sword and start rejecting the lies. God does love you, he is working in your life, you will move forward and grow.

    One last thing. My wife and I once were blessed with taking in a 14 year old homeless girl for a season. She was a new Christian and used to get paralyzed some times at night and had the terrible thoughts. It was really really bad and thinking of your story has just now brought back that memory. She ended up being free of all that after some time. She ended up getting married and having kids and just keeping on going in the grace of God and in fellowship with Jesus. So, as dirtfarmers said, as a Christian you are not alone, God is with you. And now you have asked for prayer then you are not alone from the perspective that people like dirtfarmer and banded butterfly are praying for you.

    Watching Thomas
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  7. th1b.taylor

    th1b.taylor Member

    Dec 4, 2010
    SE Texas
    I'm one old fossil at 72 but I know somethings. My home was a complete wreck with enormous amounts of incest, alcohol and theft. And you are to young to even hear my full testimony because you don't to hear the things I did and still,even still Jesus forgave me and made me a son of His Father's. You are speaking of an exciting journey under the right circumstances.

    First let me explain that I'm a Southern Baptist that knows better than to even consider that all them Catholics are going to Hell, it just is not true. Next you should know that until several years after this disease (Multiple Sclerosis) caused me to fall off of the steps out of the cab of my mixer, I was a Sunday School Teacher. I am a large fan of Jesus' and having spent better than twenty-five years on stage playing and singing for the Devil I sang anywhere they would allow Christian music and life action testimonies.

    But now, about you. You have began the process of maturing, you're a teen girl! Without Jesus this can be a particularly difficult process but if you pray to Jesus for wisdom and do the one month study of the book of Proverbs and if it is the fifteenth, read chapter fifteen. Proverbs has thirty-one chapters. One for every day of the month and th last one will be of great interest to you, it is about the life of a Godly Woman.

    Now I ill be yelled at for this but the truth is that any religion will do for getting into Hell! Every one f the are suited for that purpose. In Matt. 18:11 Jesus tells us what He wants from us. the answer is in the Old Testament, in fact, in Genesis 3 and there we find God described as searching for Adam but He was looking to find hi for a particular reason, God was jn the habit of waking in the cool of the evening and fellowshipping with mankind. And that is what was lost, Fellowship with His "Crowning Creation.

    You can find God in Church but He also is at your side, right now because He wants to live in you,re heart. If you have the Holy Spirit in your heart, you have Jesus there. If you want to you can worship God anywhere and at any time. Jesus taught the Samaritan Woman w are to Worship in truth and in spirit and not a word about You must go to Church. Celebrating the life and the death of our LORD.

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