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How do you work out?

Sep 13, 2002
Things are a little different here after the surgery. I used to work out like a normal person but recently the doctor suggested that I start walking 3 times a week. Start off slow, he said. 2 Blocks. If you get sore? Wait 2 days before you walk more. If you're able to walk 2 blocks then add 10% and continue after 1 day off.

I started of by walking the ½ mile to the grocery store and by the time I got home (1 mile round trip) I was done. 3 days later it was 2 blocks at a fair pace and now I'm up to 4 blocks out and 4 blocks back. Shattered my self image because I used to go around thinking that I still had my twenty year old body and was invincible.

Now? Just doing what the doctor tells me. He does know what he's talking about. Go figure.
The body ages and breakdown. But it depends on our health as well. I just turned 43 last Saturday. I was a boxer for 17yrs. I was very conditioned but at the same time I felt unhealthy. I was on a strict diet, and on a rigorous workout routine.
I can say honestly, today I'm in the best shape of my life. Age doesn't have to be a thing. I tore my rotator cuff a few times from striking punches at opponents and hitting heavy bags.
Today I just workout smarter, being inspired by my grandfather who is 83yrs old and can still run circles around me.

Staying active is key...

Sparrowhawke try water workouts in a pool. That can help a lot too
Apr 24, 2017
I love working out. Currently now for the 4th Time, I'm doing a 12-week program called Metabolic Prime. It's comprised of 15 minute resistance training either using bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands or kettlebells (whatever you prefer). It's done at home, but really anywhere almost as I've taken this on the road with me. It's done 3x/wk. There are four 3-week phases to this program, where each phase gets progressively harder. Even though this is the 4th time doing this program, I find challenging things each time. I like that it's quick as I don't always have a lot of time.

On the days I'm not doing this program, I do other workouts from Beachbody, Fitness Blender, ZGym, Scott Colby, or any of the many other programs I have on my Flashdrives or on YouTube. I am doing something every day with regards to workouts, whether they be intense stuff or restorative stuff. I do listen to what my body is telling me I should or should not do.

I also take a weekly self-defense class. I'm dealing with bad environmental allergies, but I love to do leisurely walking. This really helps bring down cortisol levels, as I'm a Type A type person. It's one of the few forms of exercise where you can burn a reasonable amount of calories without increasing cortisol. When I walk, I usually spend that time worshiping God through praise & song, or I will pray (with my eyes opened) - like walking/talking with God and listening also, or I will listen to health, fitness, or some other learning audio.

It's taken me 3 decades to finally come to balance in how I workout. I used to be gung ho at my workouts resulting in injuries on a regular basis. I've now gone almost 2 years (1 more month to go) without serious injury and doing something every day that's physically good for my body.


CHRISTmas, Not X-Mas!
Apr 13, 2012
Trying to ease into working out. As just had a sinus surgery done. But will be getting there. Usually workout for two hours four to five times a week. But doing so after surgery for just thirty minutes.
Feb 26, 2014
Mon- Weight training. Chest/ Shoulders / Triceps
Tue - 30 minutes on the treadmill morning & evening
Wed- Weights. Legs
Thur- 30 minutes on the treadmill evening only
Fri - Weights. Back / Biceps
Sat- 30 minutes on the treadmill morning- evening
Sun- NOTHING! lol


Arm curls with repetitions of Haagen Dazs, ab crunches for extra mushrooms, x-pepperoni, x-cheese, leg lifts of flavored Perrier, and side crunches for cheesecake.

Ah, fitness.
Sep 17, 2012
i try to change it up along the way current on my bench i use power bands on the bar do what i can each set . something i just started doing is using a one inch rope turn it till i can turn no more . small waves large circles .it does wonders AND yes i am back in the gym making progress . i only drink water and no supplements
Jan 19, 2018
I try to "run" (um, in reality it's more like slightly faster than average walking) about 4-5 miles a day. I was also really into karate in my early twenties. Thinking about getting back in that.

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