Husband's Pregnant Mistress

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    If my experience is of any value...

    I'll be the first to admit I was probably not the best husband but I never abused her or cheated on her but two years on my first marriage, my ex-wife suddenly told me that she felt we needed to separate. She had not shared any concerns about our marriage prior to the announcement so this totally caught me by surprise.

    We separated for a while and I became aware that she had at least three other men in her life during that time. But because I wholly desired to save our marriage at any cost, when she approached me and asked that we try again I accepted. After a short time she also informed me that she was pregnant as if the sting of separation and her infidelity wasn't enough. Long story short she eventually aborted the child.

    Five years later while cleaning out our car, under the driver's seat I came across a letter that she had written to another man. In this letter was some pretty descriptive details about an encounter she had with him one night and how she longed for him. It was enough to send me over the edge and I filed for divorce.

    I'm sure there are some rare cases but in my opinion, once a cheater, always a cheater.
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