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Announcement Important information on citing sources at CF

Feb 27, 2009
We have received a number of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaints about their copyrighted information appearing on CF. Please refer to the Terms of Service #2.6 Use this announcement as a reminder to respect copyrighted material. Lawsuits have been started for less.

Good practice is to use one paragraph in your post, credit the source and provide a link. A link must be provided if the source is online, and full credit must be given if it is not available.

IMPORTANT - Many of the complaints have been from BibleStudy.org who do not wish any of their content be copied. Please refrain from doing this for BibleStudy.org. Instead, simply provide a link.

A reminder, from Terms of Service #2.6:
ToS #2.6 said:
2.6: Please keep posts down to a respectable length and provide source and/or links for your info. We want to respect copyrighted material. Be sure at minimum to cite your source and keep all posts in compliance with Fair Use copyright law. Plus, you stand a better chance of getting your post read if it contains a link with an excerpt from source that's relative to your point.

Information on proper source acknowledgement and fair use here:

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